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  1. Mike Critser has left the range

    I totally missed this when it was first posted. I didn't know him well but I know he'll be missed.
  2. Precision Rifle Winter Blast!

    Does anyone know how critical a tripod setup is likely to be here?
  3. Went to condition 0 zero today

    I mean, none of us were there to see the situation, so I won't join the people implying you overreacted, but here's a few hopefully constructive comments: 1. One of the two most dangerous manipulations you do with a firearm is drawing (the other is holstering). This is especially true for...
  4. I've Been Nominated to Run for the NRA Board

    Jim, I've admired your work doing a hard job in a tough environment here in MA. But the national organization is in a ton of trouble right now, as I'm sure you know. There are some people here with experience on the boards of large organizations that might be able to give you advice, if you...
  5. “Weapons survey” at Mass Eye and Ear

    The story that I was told was a patient failing to properly hide it.
  6. “Weapons survey” at Mass Eye and Ear

    "Weapons on you" is a little bit different than the typical "firearms in the home" question. My understanding, based on a previous discussion, is that there have been circumstances where that was a relevant question when someone's clothes were removed for an exam. Don't be a militant jerk to...
  7. When To Draw If Encountered With "Everbody Put Your Hands Up This Is A Robbery" situation?

    If your hands are up, it's important not to draw until the buzzer. Too early and you'll get a procedural penalty and have to re-shoot.
  8. Peltor EEP-100 ear plug review

    I’m shooting SC today and totally agree. They’re perfect for this. Still think indoor and rifles are nogo.
  9. 2019 Steel challenge at Harvard sportsman’s club

    Is the list of stages available?
  10. Getting into CCO/Carry Optics

    My shooting is bad enough these days that doing mag changes isn’t going to sink me much. Plus it’s still 10 in that other game with all the props.
  11. Getting into CCO/Carry Optics

    I want to like the 320 because the concept is great. But I’m not sure how much I trust the modern Sig given their performance with 320 drop safety and CS in general. Not to derail; this feedback is exactly what I was looking for.
  12. Getting into CCO/Carry Optics

    So, I'm somewhat interested in getting into the subculture of red dots on "carry" pistols, particularly in a way that'd be reasonably competitive in IDPA/USPSA (but not necessarily as a dedicated gaming gun). Would have to: 1. Mount an RMR 2. 9mm 3. Reasonably available in MA (I have no time to...
  13. Peltor EEP-100 ear plug review

    I grabbed a pair of these over the July 4th holiday, and brought them to the range for rifle shooting. They are not effective enough to deal with a brake/comped rifle outside, even with the skull-screws, imho. I didn't get a chance to shoot pistol at all with them yet. I suspect they'll be...
  14. Khukuri Knife

    Nepalese Kukri's are interesting because they're a handcraft made by 'masters' in an extremely poor country, with all the innovation, failure, and triumph that implies. I have one of the high-end Kukris imported by Himalayan Imports, and the metalwork is pretty rough. The woodcarving, however...
  15. 2019 Steel challenge at Harvard sportsman’s club

    I snoozed and registered late; wait list it is! Sounds like this will be a fun match.
  16. Best Production 1911 Readily Available in MA?

    Apparently they have. Oops.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. Disappointed in first time trying to Conceal Carry

    IMHO, flailing around with internet recommendations isn't the thing to do here (he said as making a recommendation). If I had to do this learning process again, I'd buy a $400 used J-Frame, and a pocket holster. Carry that, while you learn to shoot what you have. When you've been shooting for a...
  18. Best Production 1911 Readily Available in MA?

    Since 1911 recommendation threads are hot these days, I figured I'd circle back here. I ended up handling a lot of 1911s, but mostly Colts, S&W and Springfield. S&W and Springfield had noticeably better build quality, which is a damn shame. The S&W grip-safety driven firing pin block was also a...
  19. Disappointed in first time trying to Conceal Carry

    Don't carry appendix until you know exactly what you're doing with the gun, the holster and your belt. Holstering a gun is the most dangerous thing most people will ever do with a firearm, and until you know this, you shouldn't point a gun at your femoral artery. You /especially/ shouldn't do...
  20. 1911 compact comparisons/suggestions

    You have it right here, IMHO. You can make a 3" 1911 reliable, but you can't make it reliable, light, hold more bullets, and have less recoil.
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