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  1. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    I think we will see that clip followed by van joins clip saying Trump is actually helping black America. I think trump or one of his super pacs should aggressively go after the dem vote I would play video clips of Clinton state of the union, McCain, Harry Reid , Obama saying what immigration...
  2. SOTU Address and the Democrats Response

    I would love to be a fly on the wall. As Shift, Nadler and the Speaker try to get the dem to vote as a block at 4 today. “ We are not listening to you guys anymore. The three of you destroyed our chances of keeping the house. Nancy your a idiot, that will go down in history as the bigges...
  3. SOTU Address and the Democrats Response

    House speaker is trash
  4. SOTU Address and the Democrats Response

    Compare trump state of union and the democratic caucus last night. Night and day
  5. SOTU Address and the Democrats Response

    Another class move welcome home sgt
  6. SOTU Address and the Democrats Response

    Fight to win or not at all
  7. SOTU Address and the Democrats Response

    Into the kid and the first African American fighter pilot extremely well done Happy 100?Birthday
  8. SOTU Address and the Democrats Response

    ten Minutes into state of the union. He should have some walk up to him and whisper in his ear . Trump should then say I heard they finished the Iowa vote. And say o my mistake it was fake news it was leaked by Adam Shift
  9. Iowa Caucus Predictions

    Iowa caucuses shows the country what will happen if the Democrats take control, chaos and disaster.
  10. Who's that guy on your squad?

    Hope you guys called the FBI hotline
  11. Impeachment woes for the Dems

    The dems and the media have thrown everything they could at trump over the last three years. Over Obama first three years they did the exact opposite. The media and the dems failed Miserably
  12. Is Trump Impeached ?

    They will pay in 2020. They are and will continue to regret using the nuclear Option to appoint judges. They regretted saying they would not allow a Bush to appoint a Supreme Court judge if an open came the last year of his term. They will regret this to
  13. NES membership karma.

  14. Thank you to Gibbs

    I would like to publicly thanks Gibbs. Gibbs had two tickets for “A Christmas Celtic Sojourn” Saturday, Dec 14, 2019 - 3pm at the Emerson Cutler Majestic Theater, 219 Tremont Street, Boston. I reached out to buy the tickets to send my daughter and wife to see the show in celebration of...
  15. Prayers needed

    Last Thursday was my daughter last her last chemo therapy treatment. She has improved tremendously since she was hospitalized n August. She has some cognitive impairment but she is extremely brave, tough and in time will over come the damage. She will be returning to high school in January on...
  16. If you pray send some my way.

    Prayers being sent for your family. Be strong for everyone I know it’s tough. I pray for a speedy recovery.
  17. Ash Vacuum

    Check ocean state picked one up a few years ago
  18. Truly Grateful this year

    Prayers for you and your family
  19. Taunton Mall hero's home in foreclosure

    In the spirit of thanksgiving making a donation. Anyone of us could have had a family member there at the time of the stabbing, Also a lot of us on NES would have tried to stop the stabbing, and could have ended up the victim. If you can, consider helping this widow and also send a message...
  20. Did Brookline just ban oil and gas?

    There has been a lot more than 5 house built per year in Brookline. Over the last 15 yrs.
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