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  1. The Flobert moved to Indy today!!! I say again my last, IT'S GO TIME in Hoosierville!

    Flobert should have had its own membership here - He was never banned, here for longer than some - hated by some, loved by some, ignored by most, never contributed any real content but we all know him and miss him in some way... Congrats on the new home Flobert
  2. We open a fireproof gun safe after a house fire - See what’s inside!

    Some wedges might have made this painful opening less painful...
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    "Fix the lighter."
  4. Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch will not be down...

    Reunited with Mr Looper...
  5. Odo will not be down...

    Father John Mulcahy...
  6. We are not a democracy

    Tom Styer disagrees - He wants the "Democracy to work for People" not the "Republic for Citizens"
  7. Baker/Massachusetts Puts 3.6-Acre Downtown Office Site On The Market - Hurley Building

    "Lets sell the foot print and all on it - It's cheaper than buying a newer plot and building" Fawking morons.
  8. Heavy Parrot Content: So that the large checks thread doesn't get locked

    Wings = 80-87 or so... so yeah, appropriate.
  9. Heavy Parrot Content: So that the large checks thread doesn't get locked

    Wings - Lowell gets an apartment and they all bring gifts - in the end he leaves the champagne glasses behing and takes the recording parrot toy...
  10. Tulsi Gabbard sticks it to Hillary

    My wife wanted to see naked pictures of me when I was younger. I’m pretty sure I can announce my candidacy for office now and she can have them for Friday night...
  11. Best place (and which brandl?) to buy new washing machine (installed) around Lynnfield/Peabody area?

    Douglass. The second “s” is for service they installed the original stuff. Replaced it in the 70’s and still service the things we have now They treat you the way you should be treated. Top notch folks
  12. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    "Middlesex House of Corrections"? Consigned to the prisoners for fabrication? BRILLIANT!
  13. Special Forces soldier to receive MOH.

    Sadly, you're most correct - I'd really like to read of someone visiting at night to watch and think. No rumors or other stories from protective services have surfaced... Given the hours of operation, I would bet that anyone with the wherewithal to arrange am off hours visit could do so...
  14. Special Forces soldier to receive MOH.

    There's a tomb for that - I think of the "Countless" when I visit there. I'd like to think any real leader would visit and contemplate for motivation. I doubt many elected officials do.
  15. First Time Shooters - What to bring to the range?

    Ask them to have an open mind - they may see some "not the best" members Ask them to be polite to other members - don't be a "not the best" guest Ask them to have fun and be aware Keep is short and fun Ask them to come back
  16. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Foose visions and my visions are not the same - I would say no if approached by them. He's good at what he does, I just don't want that for my dream vehicles.
  17. Drones Attack World's Largest Oil Processing Facility In Saudi Arabia

    No - Not quite. Let's eat every other pizza out there before we go into the selling pizza business...
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