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  1. NH HB687 Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill vote scheduled for 1/8 or 1/9/2020"

    i am in this pic. cost of cost of gas to get to Concord $2.50 Cost of a cup of coffee $1.08 being being called an extremist by group of Nazis priceless
  2. NH HB687 Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill vote scheduled for 1/8 or 1/9/2020"

    I was sitting there and she was standing behind me when she went off like that. Yeah, I was there.
  3. Manchester, NH Gunshow Oct. 19 & 20

    sounds like this gun show is a waste of time.
  4. FBI arrests Las Vegas man who allegedly wanted to shoot Jews, LGBTQ bar patrons

    they are quite good at entrapping people
  5. Kamala Harris announces plan to require background checks for online gun sales

    you purchase a firearm online, it's delivered to a federally licensed Firearms dealer. that's when the background check is done.
  6. Gum Buy-Back coming to Framingham

    Haha that's funny. All along I thought it was a typo.
  7. Ohio First-Graders Removed 'School Safety Gun' From Case In Administrative Office

    If that's the case, it was a staged event and never occurred.
  8. Speedy New Hampshire

    I had a concealed carry permit in the mid-80s from Chester New Hampshire. It's the same form, they've never changed it.
  9. Speedy New Hampshire

    $10. can't go wrong
  10. Speedy New Hampshire

    My concealed carry permit took less than a week. In Rochester New Hampshire.
  11. Mass yearly 4 gun private sale limit question...

    It's amazing the amount of paperwork that can be attached to one firearm. Glad I live in New Hampshire.
  12. still denied

    that case from 1981 ended up being a big nothing. The New Hampshire gun line cleared me December 21st, picked up my Beretta December 28th. its all good. Except for waiting 15 months and paying $650.
  13. still denied

    this has been resolved.
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