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  1. child services and police abuse

    But the junkies raising their kids in filth get to keep custody.
  2. Mega-church leader arrested for major sex trafficking

    I'd rather that special place be here on Earth and it just feels like Hell.
  3. Trump doesn't like suppressors, update post 69, he's considering ban

    They called an Instagrammer "snarky" for asking what they'd do if Trump tried to get suppressors banned. View:
  4. Trump doesn't like suppressors, update post 69, he's considering ban

    Good to see ya posting Dench. Trump done messed up.
  5. NH: [3], nope.. now 4 anti-gun bills , we need to call the Senate to stop them, update page 7

    Any updates on these bills? I just checked up on them on The majority of the people co-sponsoring these bills are lifelong residents of NH :( There are a few who were born in Maine, New York, California, New Mexico, and Washington. I see no one from Massachusetts. Katherine...
  6. Today in 1993, 4 ATF agents and 76 innocent people were killed.

    It is absolutely disturbing these guys are celebrating over the smoldering remains of innocent children. It doesn't matter how evil--or crazy--Koresh and his followers may have been, it was a complete dereliction of duty and a lack of basic humanity to allow negotiations proceed in the abysmal...
  7. Today in 1993, 4 ATF agents and 76 innocent people were killed.

    I highly, highly doubt it. It was the motivation behind it, and McVeigh wasn't even aware that there was a daycare inside the building. He did admit that had he known, he still may have bombed the building.
  8. Today in 1993, 4 ATF agents and 76 innocent people were killed.

    ATF's Instagram a month or so ago was firebombed with comments from angry people shitting on them for only mourning the loss of their agents and not the lives of those innocent children. Let's not give the FBI a pass here. They were also heavily involved in the Mt. Carmel siege.
  9. in today's "what are we offended by"? megathread

    'Disabled' is far more offensive than 'handicapped' as it implies the person is broken, whereas 'handicapped' implies they just have some setbacks.
  10. More Reasons NOT To Buy A Tesla

    Does the infrastructure to properly dispose of these electric car batteries even exist? Or are we just going to bury them in a man-made cave out west like we do with radioactive waste?
  11. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Fauda. Pretty interesting depiction of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Plenty of AR porn complete with old Elbit Falcon red dot sights. Schitts Creek is pretty good. Totally awkward and cringey.
  12. Beto O'Rourke authored a poem.....

    The second I heard this dunce talk about another AWB, I bought a BRNXM177E2 from Brownells on sale. Glad I have my first AR. Love the early Colt Commandos
  13. 'No authority': New Mexico governor tells militia to stop arresting migrants at border

    Holy canoli, that is insane. Also, love how they are now being called 'migrants.' :/
  14. French soldiers will be allowed to 'OPEN FIRE' if lives are threatened by Yellow Vest rioters

    If people are this pissed at their government, the government should listen and reflect and improve instead of trying to shut them up. That will likely not happen as it has clearly not been happening.
  15. New Jersey sues 'ghost gun' dealer for selling AR-15 assembly kits

    The AG mentioned "loopholes" when the 1968 GCA specifically allows these.
  16. Nike Loses $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick Named Face of ‘Just Do It’ Ads

    Puma is more comfortable, IMO. All made by underpaid chattle, though.
  17. Capuano is FIRED !!!

    As someone who believes term limits need to exist, it's a good thing to see him gone. Hopefully, she does a better job.
  18. Another “Gun Control” Poll

    Because those are multiple shooting incidents involving multiple perpetrators at different times of the day. If they were all shot during a single event by a lone shooter, it would absolutely be national news. They know they can't argue for more gun control because when Chicago had it, the...
  19. David Hogg coming to town (and S&W plant)

    Rosenthal only owns guns so he can use it to bolster his agenda by claiming he is not anti-gun, pointing to his ownership as "proof." The fact that he is allowed at ranges is disturbing, but we have lots of fudds, so I guess it's not surprising. A fudd today is a prohibitionist tomorrow.
  20. Terminology Update: Please replace "vagina" with "front hole"

    Probably to not upset them.
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