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  1. Varmint Countor VS Heavy Barrel VS Bull Barrel

    Hello All Can someone please explain to me the difference between a varmint contour barrel, a bull barrel and a heavy barrel? Please include measurement specs (diameters) if you have them. Thanks
  2. Firearm Sale Scenario

    Please comment on the following scenario. Your input is appreciated: Jane Doe is an MA LTC Class A holder. She walks into XYZ gun store and sees a used (Like New In Box) Glock 22 manufactured in 2008 up for sale. The gun was sold to the dealer by an LEO. The sales staff informs her that the...
  3. AR-15 - Proper Lubrication

    Hello All Does anyone know the proper way to lubricate an AR? What parts does the manufacturer recommend be lubricated? Thanks
  4. Armorer/Gunsmithing Took Kit

    Hello All I'm looking to buy an all-round, high quality gun smithing tool kit. I'm looking to get a kit that has screw drivers, bits, drift punches, hammer etc... - something that I can use on almost any gun. Any ideas/recomendations? Thanks
  5. Titanium Firing Pins

    Hey Fellas Im contemplating upgradin my 10/22 and ive been looking around for parts. A lotta of places sell an aftermarket Titanium Firing Pin which they advertise as "Custom design profile produces a firing pin which is 43% lighter than the factory pin with an improved impact point. This...
  6. Plinking Question

    Can i go plinking out in the woods assuming im atleast 500 feet away from any dwelling and 150 ft away from a road? What about if its public land, like the woods behind my house (I assume that would be town property)
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