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  1. Panic Buying: Bread, milk....and green tip.

  2. Stand up for "Ammosexual" Rights!

    It seems "ammosexual" is the new slur for gun owners by the goons on the liberal facebook pages. For people who hold themselves out as champions of tolerance and diversity for all kinds of alternative lifestyles, its funny to watch them resort to the same tactics as those they live to...
  3. Gun and Sport North (Salem)

    (Apologies if there is already a thread, the search function sucks on tapatalk.) Stopped in today for the first time since the new owner took over. Looks great, a lot of the same stock but a larger selection of handguns and rifles. He had the hard to locate G42 in stock and a 41 as well. Lake...
  4. Looking for a good Motorcycle Mechanic (North Shore/Metro-west)

    Looking for recommendations for a trustworthy, competent motorcycle mechanic in the North Reading/Burlington area. 87 Honda Shadow 750cc, ran rough last year after sitting the previous year. Looking for a safety inspection, tune up, and probably carb cleaning. Somewhat handy, but would like a...
  5. CopBlock member open carrying AR-15 gets robbed.

  6. Robocop Deleted Scenes

    Most likely very NSFW...you've been warned. fail
  7. Raven Concealment Top Stop

    Saw this review, and ordered mine last week. $11 shipped, arrived within a week. Great idea if you keep your uppers seperated for storage or trasport. Mine snaps into place securely and does what it advertises. http://www.militarymorons.com/weapons/ar.access3.html#topstop
  8. Order Your Ghost Gun Lowers!

  9. If you thought MRAPs were bad, you're gonna HATE this! More militarization of police


    Well, original deal sold out fast! PLATE/PC deal is pretty good...while that lasts. http://www.tyrtactical.com/products/details/new-featured-products/two-level-iv-stand-alone-esapi-plates/
  11. Paul Howe on Open Carry

    From the DEC13 CSAT Newsletter: "I was asked by a reader about my thoughts on open carry. In short I am against it. There is little need unless you just want to intimidate people. We have enough concealed carry systems available for both pistols and rifles to make sure you have a rapid...
  12. Wal-Mart in Kentucky

    That's the gun rack at the Wally World in Louisville KY. Ammo at the stores is about the same. Went the the US Cavalry store...meh, even at blowout pricing. Went to the mom-and-pop Army Surplus store/residence...scored E-SAPIS dated 4/13 for $200, and Z-fold Combat Gauze for $0.50!!! Guys have...
  13. 5.56/.223 Brass Cased vs Steel Cased debate: SETTLED

    Outstanding in-depth test and evaluation. Debunks common myths, I learned a lot. http://www.luckygunner.com/labs/brass-vs-steel-cased-ammo/
  14. Why I don't like open carry

    Because seemingly everyone that practices it carries a POS gun in an even bigger POS holster. Like the at the NH Wal-Mart carrying a Sigma in an Uncle Mikes holster. Why, why, why. It really wouldn't bother me if it was a decent gun in a decent holster, but it reinforces my belief that people...
  15. MSGT Paul Howe on the Second Amendment

    (this guy is the real deal, former Delta, and the inspiration for the Eric Bana character in Blackhawk Down. Tactical trainer, CSAT) 2nd AMENDMENT AND THE KOOL-AID DRINKERS I have quietly watched and evaluated the inpouring of e-mails reference the liberal’s intent to seize guns and crush...
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