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  1. 07-2011 GMC Towing Mirror (pair)

    http://products.cipausa.com/product/cipa-10900-custom-towing-mirrors-new-body-style-chevroletgmccadillac/ They fit my 2011 GMC Brand CIPA. Very good shape. $25 bucks. I'm in Tewksbury. Cell 978-604-8425 Harry
  2. Her name was Ashli Babbitt

    I thank her for her service to this country. May she rest in peace. And she deserves her own thread.
  3. Log in trouble

    My computer at work, no matter what browser, will no longer connect to Northeastshooters. I get the web page is not secure or the web page is taking too long messages. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. As real as real gets.

    The takeover of Public Education. Leftist Brainwashing over the last 50 years. The takeover of both the electronic and print media. Over 80% controlled by Leftists. The controlling of thought and the suppression of any opinion that differs from the Leftists. The takeover of Public Government by...
  5. Getting sick of "justice" in America.

    Over 25% of prison populations have been let out over Covid 19 Including many child rapists. But those who defy Government can go to hell.
  6. And at the end of the second day

    This is who the Republican Party really are. Mike Lee's Green Card Giveaway for Big Tech Blocked in Senate, for Now
  7. At the end of the day

    This is who Charlie Baker really is. Charlie Baker chides MassGOP for condemning Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib | Boston.com
  8. There will be blood

    Sobering article. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/09/no_matter_who_wins_in_2020_there_will_be_blood.html
  9. You want to drive to Tewksbury? FREE DESK!!

    If so this is free. 1940's I "believe" needs some TLC for scratches. The grill over the glass panels fell apart over the years. No major breaks in the wood. Door opensfor a shelf and is solid. I have the Key as well. I never found the time to work on it and the Wife says get it OFF the porch...
  10. 1999/2000 Ariens ST1236E

    See the story under my post "would you spend" Machine was purchased in 9/2000 by my FIL. HD. 12 hp cast iron bore, runs STRONG, NO SMOKE NO BURN. New tires, new friction disk, new belts, 2 yr old battery and I have a new carb for it if and when needed. The cast iron gear box is showing signs...
  11. Enough with the ignorant NRA bashing

    NRA Bashers must be stopped, at least on Pro-Firearm sites. And yes I mean NES as well. If you watch how the Leftists operate they “demonize” anyone they seek to silence. And they wait for a tragedy to launch their vile attacks. If you remember the SC Church shooting the Left quickly made the...
  12. WTS Vintage Woolrich Hunt Coat SOLD

    This coat is over 30 years old, and it has never been worn. I bought it years ago. It's a 42Long. I'm a 42 but at a strapping 5' 7" the coat looked silly on me, so it's been in the cedar chest ever since. I never took the tags off it. This coat was a special run by Woolrich in the late seventies...
  13. I would hope the straw buyer gets the book thrown at her.

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