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  1. Innovative robocaller.

    I had one claiming to be the DEA in their broken/poor english a few months ago, saying I had numerous pending criminal charges but not to contact the police. I just hung up before they got further as I was busy with an actual DEA inspection at work with two agents from the Boston field office...
  2. 20 Years in Reflection: Where were you on September 11th 2001

    I had walked into third period French III in my sophomore year of high school and I had just heard about a plane supposedly hitting a building in NYC. The school didn't usually have the TVs mounted in the classrooms turned on so I never heard about the first plane during my second period class...
  3. Looking for info or comments on Hi Point carbines

    Cheap and ugly but great for a gun you don't mind people abusing the crap out of. My only complaint I had with the thing was it had a bad habit of cheek slapping which I fixed with some double sided tape I used for wood turning and an old mouse pad that got cut up.
  4. Another new scam today

    I find some of the best piss off the scammer videos from The Hoax Hotel on YouTube. The guy is great at getting them to flip out from crank calling them and wasting them time. Some great ones are Two scammers threatening each other, Two IRS scammers from the same call center have it out with...
  5. Vendors for P80 upper/lower parts and triggers

    Remsport is based in Ludlow, MA at the old mills there. I have one of their slides and is a nice no frills option but looks like their stuff is backordered currently. Zaffiri precision makes some really nice slides but they don't do backorder and you need to hop on the email they send for their...
  6. R&M Gun vault in East Longmeadow owes us a BIG explanation.....

  7. No more BB's...Bug-a-Salt could be next!

    I tried buying the swab-it foam cleaning swabs about a year or so ago on Amazon. Amazon would ship some sizes and calibers but not others, and some pack sizes but not others for the same caliber/gauge. I got pissed and googled the company to see if there was someone else who sold it online and...
  8. Which cartridge do you own the most guns in currently?

    9mm, then 5.56, then 22LR.
  9. Next Court Action in Line for AWs and Magazines

    Not sure. Just saw this on twitter posted yesterday.
  10. Next Court Action in Line for AWs and Magazines

    Looks like virtual en banc oral arguments got pushed back to the week of 6/21/2021.
  11. Monson police search Magic Lantern for evidence of early Sunday gunfire

    I remember probably 10 or 20 years ago there was an incident inside where the police were looking for someone or went to arrest someone inside during the daytime. Patron/suspect tried to stab a cop with a fork and got shot somewhere that wasn't fatal for his troubles if I remember correctly what...
  12. 9mm range ammo ranked

    The only 9mm I avoided was the Winchester white box. Other calibers were fine but 9mm seemed to always being producing random duds. I always seemed to get a dud every 20 or so rounds it seemed. Tried the rounds in 4 different 9mm (2 PCC, 2 pistols) and the rounds were duds in them all.
  13. What gun brands do you own the most of?

    Ruger and S&W are tied for me with Sig and Henry just behind them.
  14. PA cops shoot unarmed teen with hands in the air like they just don't care

    Pennsylvania troopers shoot and kill suicidal man on highway bridge | News Break. the video has some shots of him walking around with the gun and then what looks like placing it under his shirt. The police got called for a suicidal man walking around with a gun, you can call that mental health...
  15. They're walking back Officer Sicknick's cause of death. EDIT 4/19/21: They're saying it was Natural Causes

    I thought I had heard when this crap first happened some were thinking a massive stroke killed him. One of those undiagnosed cerebral aneurysms that can be like a massive heart attack in a young or middle aged person that had no previous signs until the person drops or starts showing symptoms...
  16. Colorado man sues Sig Sauer after fatally shooting his wife

    They go to compare firearms so he unloads it, then reloads it before going to hand it to the other person with the barrel pointed directly at them? How else would the bullet shoot through finger and directly into her neck. That story is so much bullshit on his part.
  17. Being pro-gun also means being pro-responsibility: We must oppose HB102

    Was this "peaceful demonstration" his son was involved in also known as a riot? Seems like all the BLM and Antifa violence just gets categorized as "peaceful protests" when anyone with a working brain would call their "protest" what it actual is, a riot.
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