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  1. WTS in MA: *Lots of AMMO* and Nano, Tomcat, Shield, P239, Pony, G21, G30, Shield, P229, P232

    A long time ago when MA was banning guns, I stocked up. I am now selling any that I have either not fired, or fired once, so that I can focus on the Glock I actually shoot. eFA10 will be done at Marshfield Gun Club in MA. Photos are here:iCloud Payment: Cash. Statement of Legal...
  2. Sheriff's department in MA: conversation starter

    I believe you that happens in some cases, but I think it is up to the Sheriff, and it would seem risky for a Sheriff who wants to both minimize liability and be re-elected to authorize the powers of arrest and duty carry of firearms that qualify you for LEOSA without the normal LE training. I...
  3. Sheriff's department in MA: conversation starter

    If you qualify for LEOSA, you qualify for LEOSA. This includes Deputy Sheriff and Reserve Deputy Sheriff, as long as the Sheriff authorizes you to carry a firearm, issues the ID, etc, etc.
  4. Rumor of the Day: Remington Has Fired All AAC Personnel

    Yeash. Savage is terrible and way too low-brow for someone who speaks of Stiller and Surgeon. I gave their 308 a try and the runout was so bad that I had to have the barrel rethreaded on a brand-new rifle. But sure, the others are awesome rifles. Man, Savage, never.
  5. Remington R51

    My friend told me today that he discussed a MA legal version with them and that they are working on it.
  6. Remington R51

    You do realize the irony of the fact that you live and work in MA and give tax money to anti-gun MA, right? Besides, this pistol is made in South Carolina. - - - Updated - - - It has a hammer. It also has a loaded-chamber indicator. All it would need is a second hidden serial number and...
  7. Remington R51

    A gunsmith would have to pay me $175 to modify one of my Walthers. - - - Updated - - - I deleted that comparison image because I don't believe the measurements were accurate. It is best to not spread it until people can really measure all of the guns.
  8. Anybody edc knives with 2.5 blades or less

    Automatic knives are legal to own in MA. You cannot sell them, and you cannot carry them. I have never known that there are towns in MA that ban knife carry over 2.5 inches. There is no way that I am going to remove a pocket knife depending on what town I am in. State laws I honor. If a cop...
  9. Remington R51

    I never mentioned frame rails.
  10. Remington R51

    Deleted image because I don't believe the dimensions were accurate.
  11. Remington R51

    That was just posted above.
  12. Remington R51

    It had fibers coming out of it when new. I didn't mean to say that it was getting worse. The plastic just seemed soft and without the solid look of the Nano.
  13. Remington R51

    I wouldn't consider a Shield a pocket pistol because you can't put it in your pocket. A pocket pistol would be like an LCP 380. There are some 9mm pocket pistols, like the: http://www.rohrbaughfirearms.com/ But it is unclear that it would last much past 1000 rounds and would be painful to...
  14. Remington R51

    The Kahr is not in the running for me. I have a policy of not selling my guns, but I sold my Kahr. It looked fragile on the top of the frame (the plastic had some fray on the top of the frame) and the trigger was unpleasant due to the length of travel being so long that my trigger finger would...
  15. Remington R51

    Um, no. Look how small it is compared to a Walther PPS (about the smallest a 9mm can be and be shootable). And look how much lower the bore-axes is: You can't make a 9mm any smaller than this, be able to get a good grip on it, and have it last and not shoot itself apart. What I want...
  16. Remington R51

    It looks like a Remington 51, which predates the PPK by 15 years.
  17. Help finding .300 AAC Ammo

    I know MA and mail order ammunition don't mix - so you will need to have a local shop order it. Here are some kinds which are available: http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/index.php/cName/rifle-ammo-300-aac-blackout http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ItemListing.aspx?catid=6908
  18. 300 Blackout

    I think they stopped it because they announced it as a 1/10 twist 20 inch barrel, and no one wanted that configuration, so they got no orders. It is then possible that it never occurred to them that they made a mistake on how to specify the rifle, and so assumed their lack of orders meant that...
  19. 300 Blackout

    Federal launched 300 AAC Blackout ammunition this month: http://www.sportsmans-depot.com/products/Federal-American-Eagle-300-AAC-Blackout-220Gr-Suppressor-50-500-AE300BLKSUP2.html
  20. 300 Blackout

    It has a wider range of use than most cartridges due to the ability to use bullets from 100 to 250 grains. Very broad and unspecific use.
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