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  1. WTS Remove Please Delete

  2. Tactical Dynamics Black Friday Sales

    TACTICAL DYNAMICS BLACK FRIDAY SALES Sales continuing into December for some of our most popular classes. Use of Force / Home Defense / Concealed Carry - $50.00 Intro to Handgun - $94.00 Pistol Skill Builder Level 1 - $62.50 Pistol Skill Builder Level 2 - $82.50 Get them now and take your...
  3. M&P Shield .45 Range Report

    Hello NES, I haven't seen much on the new M&P Shield in .45, so I thought I'd try my hand at a range report. Please take pity on my first range report and feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Enjoy. I bought a new M&P Shield in .45 just the other day. It came in at less than $500...
  4. Redhead Gun Safe

    Hello NES. I purchased a Redhead 10-gun safe a while back from Bass Pro. I'm looking to add a door organizer to it, but Bass Pro doesn't have anything for that safe. Does anyone know of another brand of door organizer that will work for the Redhead? I only found one reference on another forum...
  5. WTS WTS - Sectional Couch in Millis, MA

    Sectional for sale in Millis, MA. One piece, U-shaped sectional with matching ottoman. Color is chocolate brown. Pictured in two pieces because of space, but easily reassembled. Measures approx. 98" L x 90" D along the two longest sides. Smoke free household. Purchased from Jordans, asking $800...
  6. Para Expert Carry

    Hello NES, I'm considering a carry 1911 and was looking at something with a 3" barrel with a full frame. The Para Expert Carry comes to mind. Can anyone tell me if it's legal in MA and if it's good? Does anyone have a MA legal 1911 that can compare? Thanks! Jeff
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