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  1. Market in the toilet who’s buying?

    I was just in Keene, NH today, the car lots looked worse than when I went through a month ago, and they were looking bad then, almost no new inventory and the used inventory wasn't looking that great in terms of quality vehicles. We need to buy a couple new trucks (pickups with utility bodies)...
  2. Airmont NY Deputy Mayor Brian Downey arrested, accused of buying gun parts over Internet

    There's a typo in your search, you entered ".233" , not .223. The oil filter fits a Ford 233 (industrial tractor).
  3. What are you buying for hunting gear this year?

    It was on 24hourcampfire, was lucky enough to see it before it sold. Beautiful gun and balance for sure.
  4. Bugging in

    Our governments (Federal and State) have proven time and time again that they do not have a plan for everyone when the shit really hits the fan. Something like an EMP, asteroid strike, etc. and people in the upper levels of government would be in their bunkers nice and cozy with everyone else...
  5. What are you buying for hunting gear this year?

    Picked up a NIB Ithaca 100 20 gauge, won't be NIB for long. Didn't need it, of course, only wanted it. Otherwise I am pretty much set for guns/ammo/clothing/gear for the rest of my life, been accumulating for a long time.
  6. Linsky racked up $154,000 in unpaid federal taxes

    Shit like this makes my day better. Couldn't happen to a nicer a**h***.
  7. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    Thank you for returning us to reality, it is much appreciated!
  8. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    That is for sure, but, unfortunately, that is not the case and sometimes their lives are run to a great extent but what others think.
  9. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    I certainly wouldn't be comfortable with it. 😆
  10. Mexico Sues US Gun Manufacturers

    I am going file suit against the Mexican government for the drugs (that originated/came through that country) that turned people into addicts that are now on disability (because of their addiction) that I have to support with my tax dollars. f*** Mexico, I have never been there and don't plan...
  11. Girl, 13, killed at picnic table in North Carolina drive-by shooting; 4 suspects arrested - They really wanted her dead

    These were good kids, the guns made them bad, violence by guns is a public health threat.
  12. CNN Town Hall: Joe Biden Suggests a 9mm Pistol Ban

    No, Biden said 9X19mm is fine, it's 9mm Luger that's bad. Remember when we all thought he was coming after our AR-15s but it actually turned out he wanted to ban AR-14s (which I fully supported).
  13. CNN Town Hall: Joe Biden Suggests a 9mm Pistol Ban

    And.................................TargetSportsUSA's algorithm just increased the prices on all 9mm by 50%.
  14. Vehicle Undercoating

    So despite the fluid film the frame still ended up corroding to the point of needing to be replaced?
  15. Is two story shed possible?

    Tell building inspector you are transitioning. Build a two story "she shed". Dare him to come after you. Non-binary - not a shed, not a building. Tell building inspector that you are the same (non-binary) and that you need a place that you feel comfortable in - if the inspector says that it...
  16. Cohasset man charged with living in Cohasset....

    Or he is one of those people who openly talk about shit they should not openly talk about. I know at least a couple people who regularly talk about shit they shouldn't have with people they shouldn't - I know it's only a matter of time before they f*** themselves.
  17. **** you too, Franklin Armory

    I'd just take the Asian school girl (over 18 please).
  18. **** you too, Franklin Armory

    Wearing a mask?
  19. LEO take on FTF AK sale

    This 1000%.
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