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  1. Losing 2A Rights For Substance Abuse Treatment?

    A friend of mine finally went and sought help for a problem with alcohol. They asked him if he owned a gun. He replied yes and the next question was would he be ok giving up his 2A rights if deemed necessary. He's not really into guns so he said yes. Now he is afraid that the police are going...
  2. Gunprodeals.com

    These guys had the lowest price on slickguns.com. I was a little apprehensive about placing an order. Because even though they had some of the lowest prices for firearms on the internet. I could only find one online review for them. I sent them an email with my concerns. The owner Nate promptly...
  3. Northeast Trading For Sale.

    Not sure if this is a dupe. Looks like the rat is leaving the ship. "The strengths of this business are its reputation in the community and knowledge of the industry". http://www.remax-executiverealty-ma.com/detail.asp?listingid=72119691&agentid=104682&searchtype=ByCorp
  4. Insane Feral Hog Eradication

    I wouldn't call this hunting. Seems more like a real life video game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAfJG1PMjbY
  5. AWB & Shotguns

    Are shotguns with mags now illegal? For example is a Verp12 with a thumb hole stock now illegal?
  6. Hang On Stand Question

    In the past I have hunted using various ladder stands. This year I want to try to be a little more mobile. I purchased a set of muddy pro sticks. Now need to buy a new hang on stand. I was looking online at the Muddy Vantage, Lone Wolf Alpha & XOP Air Raid. Anyone have any experience with any of...
  7. Game Feeder

    Can anyone recommend a reliable game feeder? I want something that can hold at least a 50lbs bag of deer chow; has an automatic dispenser and won't get chewed apart by raccoons and squirrels. Finally I only want to spend up to $150.00 on it. Anyone have a recommendation?
  8. Chapter 61A Land

    Can Chapter 61A Land be posted? Or is anyone allowed to use it?
  9. Tax Free Archery Supplies

    I know my share of gun store website. Does anyone know of a good archery equipment website that sells tax free?
  10. Using A Iron To Restore Wood Gunstock

    I picked up a few wooden FAL stocks cheap. Being 50 years old they have a few dents and dings. I heard you can use an iron and a wet cloth to remove dents from wood. So I picked up a $6.99 Iron at Walmart. Anyone attempt this before? Any tips before I give it a try?
  11. "Draft" Watermark on Tax Stamp

    Delete thread. As a quick e-mail fix the problem in less than an hour.
  12. Preban G19 Mags $42.50

    This guy is selling Pre-ban G19 mags for $42.50 each if anyone is interested. http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=380370
  13. Tabuk Style Muzzle Brake?

    Has anyone ever seen a Tabuk style muzzle brake for sale? All I can find are flash hiders. If you could point me in the right direction, I'd be willing to throw you a box of ammo. Or let you shoot my Tabuk sniper clone once it is complete. Below is what I am looking for.
  14. New MA Compliant AK's $399.95

    Already AWB compliant. Why pay the "MA Tax" when you can buy it here. It says it has a muzzle nut. I assume it is tack welded like the Century M77. Maybe double check before you order. http://www.jgsales.com/-p-1055.html
  15. Form 1 Approval & Engraving

    Correct me if I am wrong. It doesn't matter if you wait to have your receiver engraved until after your form 1 is approved, right? I went the DIY trust route. I don't want to have the engraving done in case there is a problem.
  16. Buyer Claims Didn't Receive Some Items.

    I sold a firearm with valuable accessories to someone who has very, very, good feedback. Packaged it beyond careful and mailed to their FFL. They claim that they didn't receive some of the accessories. I think maybe their FFL took them but obviously I can't prove it. Anyone ever have this...
  17. AR Stripped Lowers Prices

    Multiple companies are offering AR stripped lowers at good price. One for under $50.00 shipped. If you have been on the fence about buying one now might be the time.
  18. Roomate Problems

    To make a long story short. I live in 2 bedroom attic apartment. From the looks of it, it must have had the closets converted into bedrooms. I didn't care as I lived alone. My girlfriend came over a lot but she and I just chilled in the TV area. I used one of the bedrooms to store my guns. Money...
  19. Which Would You Choose

    If you had the choice between building a M77, G1 Fal or Argy Fal. Or buying a HKVP9 or Walther PPQ. Which would you choose? Keep in mind that the build will probably take you all winter to complete. All will cost you about the same amount of money. G1- M77 Argy FAL VP9/PPQ
  20. Cheapest Way to Ship Long Gun

    For anyone who has shipping a long gun recently. Who did you find was the cheapest? USPS, UPS, FedEx / FedEx ground, other? It weighs about 8 pounds.
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