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  1. Would like to sell pistol I am from PA

    Yeah that's a bummer I have pre 94 sig 226 mags for the person who wants it I may also sell my Berretta 92F too I will be upgrading to a M9A1 with rail soon both guns were kept in climate controlled environments well lubed in the safe with dehumidifier. I was kinda brainwashed by the USMC after...
  2. Would like to sell pistol I am from PA

    So what is the deal with dates on pistols? When I left in Dec 1998 they only issue with new guns were AWB rifles you could always buy newer pistols dates didnt matter except for standard capacity mags ie 15rnds or higher that was it.
  3. Would like to sell pistol I am from PA

    I know it has to go thru FFL but your firearms laws and date crazy politicians kinda throws me off kn what is or isnt. Yes I bought it from M&A or M&M sports back around 1996 it's a Sig 228 9mm JK Date code for a 1989 production born date in excellent condition View...
  4. Would like to sell pistol I am from PA

    So I was born raised in MA I got out of the USMC in 1995 I had purchased a few guns in this state one of was a German made Sig date code JK 1989 production I purchased this at I believe what was called M&A sports? In Plymouth I am thinking of selling I purchased it back in 1996/1997 before I...
  5. Warning to all members

    Just FYI be aware of a person named Sean Sanderson he ripped me off on 15 AR15 Preban mags. We had done a trade and he never upheld his end of the deal and kept my mags. This transaction has put a bad experience to not do deals with MA people but I feel the need to put the word out on this scum...
  6. On the edge

    Well you can find me at AR15. Com my user name is AIRCREW 1 I have some Ar15/Ar180 40rnd PMI mags for sale fyi.
  7. On the edge

    I live in PA so I have no restrictions on anything want a sbr,machine gun or silencers aows head to the Sherriffs office get your Form 1 or signed no sweat no problems. I want to sell Hicap mags to MA residents but the fear of states like MA CA NY ect ect scares the hell out of PA residents...
  8. Pennsylvania non resident license

    Wow $20 was alot mine was 10$ I love PA I am glad I left MA back in 1998.
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