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  1. WTS in MA: *Lots of AMMO* and Nano, Tomcat, Shield, P239, Pony, G21, G30, Shield, P229, P232

    A long time ago when MA was banning guns, I stocked up. I am now selling any that I have either not fired, or fired once, so that I can focus on the Glock I actually shoot. eFA10 will be done at Marshfield Gun Club in MA. Photos are here:iCloud Payment: Cash. Statement of Legal...
  2. MA says CCW in MA state parks.

    http://www.reserveamerica.com/camping/Boston_Harbor_Islands_Sp/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=MA&parkId=32603 Says no firearms are allowed. By what authority can MA ban CCW while camping in a state park? Which law references this?
  3. New bad laws coming!

    The following is a list of the legislation which will be considered: S913 An Act relative to an unloaded rifle or shotgun. S921 An Act relative to the safety of law enforcement officers. S926 An Act relative to certain ammunition. S927 An Act...
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