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  1. WTS Benelli M4

    Like new Benelli M4 safe queen. Previous owner said he fired <50 shells and I have never fired it. It has only come out of the safe to get cleaned and oiled a few times. $1850 Prefer to meet in Shrewsbury area with transfer via eFA10 Contact via PM All laws followed Pics (you may see some...
  2. SOLD Withdrawn

    Withdrawn temporarily
  3. SOLD Withdrawn

  4. Death of the ACSS ACOGs

    I have been searching for a TA44 with the ACSS reticle and noticed recently that Primary Arms dropped the items from their website. I called Trijicon and they said that the ACSS is proprietary to PA and PA is no longer letting other vendors use it. Sad day [crying] I guess an LPVO might be...
  5. SOLD Withdrawn

  6. SOLD Sold

  7. WTS New LaRue TranQuilo 5.56 Muzzle Brake-Adapter

    New LaRue TranQuilo 5.56 muzzle brake / adapter. Never mounted, shim kit included. $80 shipped $75 FTF in Shrewsbury Payment preferred via Venmo, Zelle, GooglePay, but I can also do PayPal F&F if necessary. All laws followed. LaRue TranQuilo Link Picture:
  8. SOLD Withdrawn

  9. What is Your Favorite ACOG

    I need an optic with and etched reticle (astigmatism) and am thinking an ACOG would fit my needs well. So many models and reticles though… currently leaning towards the TA33 with a green reticle; chevron and donut both look to have their advantages. What is your favorite model / reticle / mount?
  10. Huge Weapons Seizure by US Navy

    I hate linking to CNN, but I can’t find it anywhere else: https://news.google.com/articles/CAIiECCjqxDYzZPvZNnE9vNyAbIqMwgEKioIACIQpzoRSNLEm6QR--MasMLSAioUCAoiEKc6EUjSxJukEfvjGrDC0gIw1anKBg?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen That is a lot of guns!
  11. 18” AR barrel w/ mid Length Gas System?

    Looking at the LaRue barrel offerings and I am seeing that their 18” stealth barrel has a mid length gas system. Would that offer any advantage over the same barrel in 16”, also w/ a mid length has? Am I correct in thinking that the velocity would be about the same since the gas starts...
  12. WTB CZ Pistol - Full size / Steel frame. 9mm or .45 ACP

    Looking for a full size, steel frame CZ in 9mm or .45 ACP. Located in Shrewsbury Contact via PM All laws followed
  13. CZ - Decocker / Safety

    Looking to finally get a CZ and I see that a lot of the models come with either a decocker or a safety version. I am reading that the decocker model is more preferable for carry, but I don’t really understand why. Wouldn’t a de-cocked decocker model (carry mode) basically be the same as a...
  14. Gangster Capitalism podcast, Season 2 - NRA

    “gangster, train wreck dumpster fire” pretty much sums it up. Just binged the season and found it interesting and really sad. What a tragedy. Any one else listen?
  15. SOLD Sold

  16. Change Username?

    I don’t like my username. Is there any way to change it and carry over membership, feedback etc..?
  17. LaRue Ultimate Upper Kit?

    Anybody have any experience with the LaRue ultimate upper kit? Seems like a good value; I just want to make sure I am not missing something. I am close to jumping on one for 5.56.
  18. WTB 303 Savage Ammo

    Looking for some 303 Savage Ammo.
  19. GunBroker - Sales Tax starting 1/1

    Major bummer Marketplace Facilitator Sales Tax Collection Marketplace Facilitator Sales Tax Collection Last Update: December 4, 2020 GunBroker.com will implementing the new Marketplace Facilitator Internet Sales Tax regulations on January 1, 2021. As a marketplace, GunBroker.com will be...
  20. Armslist Scammers Migrating to NES?

    I expect scammers on Armslist but I have never encountered one on NES until now. They must not want to pay for the new subscription fees over there. Haydenbrooks27 sent me a PM regarding a WTB listing I have posted. He referred me to contact [email protected] I contacted Mark, but it...
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