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  1. 7.62x39 ammo, just for the hell of it...

    I’ve always run golden tiger in mine and never had an issue
  2. WTS New hornady lock n load classic kit

    Brand new in box, never used $325
  3. WTS Please delete

    all items are new Almost everything you need to start reloading. Hornady lock and load classic kit Lyman turbo 1200 tumbler Lyman corn cob media Kinetic bullet puller $575
  4. Non Traditional Easter Dinner

    My easter dinner
  5. ND at FS?

    Wow maybe I should have checked back sooner this thread really went off the rails From what I was told a guy brought in a kahr he was looking to sell, an employee took it out of the case and it was loaded. Apparently he removed the magazine and emptied the chamber, then put the magazine back...
  6. ND at FS?

    From what he said nobody got hit, I guess an employee put a round through a display case and it ended up in the ceiling
  7. ND at FS?

    Anyone at Four Seasons today? A buddy called me and said there was an ND in there today. Smashed one of the glass cases I guess.
  8. Restriction removal in lowell?

    My understanding is lowell might issue unrestricted if your a business owner and carry cash. Other than that your probably SOL
  9. Sunday Trips - Winner!

    While you're at Kittery drive another 30 minutes north and hit cabelas
  10. Manure dumped outside French Assembly in protest

    The French gave us the greatest gift ever: foie gras Some French genius thought of force feeding a goose and making its already delicious liver super fatty. Viva la France!
  11. HORA DOLOR information request

    I'd be in Can I bribe the score keepers with cured and smoked meat products?
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