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  1. SHTF, long term disruption of medical services, and hollistic medicine.

    I know a lot of you guys have extra prescription medications set aside as preps, but that stuff doesnt have an indefinite shelf life, and eventually supply will dwindle. As I type this, I'm running a 102.5 degree fever due to a staph infection caused by some spider bites. I got me...
  2. Buy a 10/22 or a CMMG conversion kit for my AR?

    So the land I usually shoot on was recently put up for sale, and I can't shoot there right now, or possibly ever again. While I'm working towards a range membership, (the place I'd want is a tad pricy, and requires a lot of volunteer hours I don't really have to give) I'm stuck with the public...
  3. AR-10 hits $26k on Gunbroker

    And totally worth it. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=322196026
  4. Marlin configuration question

    Hey guys. Does anyone know if Marlin ever made an 1895 .45-70 with a 18.5" barrel, full length magazine tube, big loop and walnut pistol grip/forend? I can only find it with laminate stocks.
  5. Muller Shooting Center, Ulm Germany

    Hopefully this isnt a dupe. Oh. My. God. A guy on a car forum I frequent just posted this link. http://www.mszu.de/ Group buy on plane tickets and drool bibs? I'll go green for that. [laugh]
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