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  1. LIOTEC Lighting

    I had an issue with a Wolf Eyes replacement lamp for a Surefire G2 that I got from John at Liotec. I mailed the lamp back to him to inspect, and received a new one within a week, no questions asked. I've always gotten great customer service from John, and I'm sold on his products as well. So...
  2. J. DeDominicis, Chelmsford

    Anybody have any experience with Joe DeDominicis in Chelmsford? I found him through the FFL search on GunBroker, but no mention of him on NES.
  3. 100th Post Karma - Join GOAL, get FREE raffle tickets! *1st post updated March 9th*

    Update March 9th: All 10 spots have been claimed! As soon as GOAL confirms the memberships we'll get raffle tickets in the mail. Original Post March 6th: Want to join the fight to preserve your firearms rights in Massachusetts? Want a chance at winning some sweet prizes at the same...
  4. Ghost ring / peep sights for handguns?

    Does anyone have any experience with a ghost ring or peep sight aiming system on a handgun? I ran across One Hole Sights by Warren Custom Outdoor and thought it might make an interesting addition to a Security Six. I've used Williams peep sights on rifles before, but never seen them on a handgun.
  5. Ruger crane/cylinder lubrication

    I bought a used Ruger Security Six a couple of weeks ago (pic here), and stripped it down to clean and lube it. The cylinder wouldn't spin freely when open, although you could turn it by hand and it seemed to function OK in DA mode. When I tore it down, the crane/cylinder mating surfaces were...
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