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  1. SAFE CLEANOUT. Offers welcome.

    Make me offers except the j4m tactical holster (50 bucks) it’s brand new used it once. Fits pm9, sig p365 or other small carry guns. One OWB pm9 holster. I have two 6.8spc 10 round mags. Factory 7.62 10rd saiga mag. Saiga parts kit. Factory ar trigger no hammer. A2 buffer, carbine spring and...
  2. Modified case

    Has anyone made their own modified case from spent brass from their rifle? Is there someone on here that can do this for me? I watched YouTube but the guy made it on a Lethe which I don’t have access to. Thanks for any insight.
  3. WTB reclaimed Barn Wood

    Looking for reclaimed barnwood, subfloor ect... About 80 sf. this is a long shot reaching out to nes. Thanks
  4. WTS Red sox tickets for this Sunday EDITED

    Game time 7:05 vs Baltimore Section: Loge Box 126 row GG seats 3&4 face value 99.00 2 tickets for 100 or trade for .308/223 ammo Must pick up In Boylston/Worcester line
  5. Russian special forces Training

    Its pretty nuts what these guys do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI01qKAqYts
  6. WTS Rome snowboard package

    Selling a 159cm Rome snowboard, could use a wax and sharpen. Burton ruler boots are brand new size 12 wore 5 times. And burton bindings. Asking 300. This is a sweet deal if you want to hit the slopes this winter
  7. Weapons cache

    This just came through on my fb page. Go ahead and drool. Photo Album - Imgur
  8. Bravo Comapny

    I used to scoll down their pages looking for green instock uppers, any at all, and always come up red out of stock on everything. But mow that everyone and their mother has an AR, It like Christmas in July, well August over there. They have a bunch of instock uppers. If you ever wanted to own...
  9. Can anyone help my remington 1100 Go bang again.

    I took it apart to clean it, Went to shoot it and nothing, not even a primer strike. Its put back together correct (to my knowledge), The firing pin is not broken, I cant find anything wrong with it, Im stumped. Can anyone help?
  10. Belt fed AR15

    This got me excited then I saw the price, But cool none the less. Ares-15 MCR Magazine/Belt Fed AR15 5.56 16" - Impact Guns
  11. Fot you viewing pleasure. Vintage Dot Sight

    I found this at my grandmothers house. It was my grandfathers sight. He past away when I was real little and to my dissapointment all his guns were sold a long time ago, my grandmother couldent tell me what he had. Anyways Its a nydar shotgun reflex dot sight, It has an outer ring with a...
  12. Look what UPS just dropped off

    Well after wanting one for a while, I finally got one, Its a yugo m59 caked with cosmoline, the barrel is mint looks like its never been fired. a small bruise on the stock but no biggie. This is my fist sks and certainly wont be the last. What do you use to remove the cosmoline?
  13. No online game check in 2012.

    Not sure if this is a dupe but after reading that the turkey season was extended this was also on the mass fish hunt website NO ONLINE GAME CHECKING IN 2012 Because the MassFishHunt game reporting system is not ready for the 2012 hunting and trapping seasons, hunters and trappers must check...
  14. Enter to win free .45 auto ammo. 1000 rds

    Came accross this today and thought id share http://www.gearhog.com/?did=16463
  15. Identfy This Mag.

    My buddy bought this preban mag for his ar-15 from a website, I wont name it. It looks similiar to an ar-15 mag. It does not fit and lock into his yhm lower. it does fit and lock my pwa lower but will not rack a round, it will also not fit into my spikes lower. Im curious to what you all think...
  16. Anyone use PreBan taiwanese T-65 mags AR15?

    I just recieved a few new in plastic 30 rounders, I couldent resist the 11 dollar pricetag(compared to a used preban 15-30 bucks). Although people want quality I think these things are pretty for the money. I test fitted a few and they seem to be minty. I have not yet loaded or fired these...
  17. Accident buck

    I was hesitant to post this mistake buck. At first i thought it was a doe,(turnes out it was a small spike buck) I shot it from 40 yards uphill on the ground. While the arrow was in the air it nicked a branch and hit the deer in the rear. Right away i knew it was a bad shot and started looking...
  18. Opening pheasent Rutland.

    There had to have been 100 guys hunting around the prison camps, there was a lot of shots ripping off and a lot of birds falling out of the sky, it was a good day and no one was hurt. I got one bird. but wow this being my first pheasent hunting trip i was a little worried that there was way to...
  19. Covering your scent

    I've been hunting in CT , just got out of the woods for my fourth hunting trip in these woods, Im hunting my buddys property that no one hunts. Saturday I let a 4 pointer walk, today i said to myself anythhing that walks by is getting stuck, sure enough a doe was eating around my stand I could...
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