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  1. non-resident permit in MA

    My brother lives in Nashua, but spends his work week in Mass working for a NH company. He'd like to get an MA non-resident carry permit. So, knowing that in-state permits are adjudicated by the CoP in the town in which you reside, who is the arbiter for a non-resident? Would his application...
  2. Real Estate lease restricting firearms

    Is a lease for real estate rental in MA that prohibits firearms on the premises, at least for the renter, as opposed to visitors, legal and enforceable?
  3. AR-15 build

    Finished it a year ago, finally shot it! Works fine, put 200 rounds thru it. One of the pre-ban mags was a little trouble with F2F. All the other 5 worked seemlessly. Got the Marlin 336 out, the Mossy 500, and the new SW 1911. Good day at the range (TRGC) with my sons and and one of ther...
  4. Shop near Pepperell

    Time for a purchase, but the LGS I've used before (Blue Northern) is no longer. Any recommendations on a shop near Pepperell? If there's nothing closer, guess I'll go to Cabela's. How time consuming is it there to make a purchase, given I know exactly what I want, and it's in stock?
  5. Mass guy, storing firearms in NH?

    My fathers house in NH was placed in Trust after he died, I'm one of the Trustee's. My siblings and I plan on keeping the place, as it's a nice house situated on 20 wooded acres between a pond and a small 400 acre lake. I'm a Mass resident with an LTC, is it legal for me to store firearms at...
  6. Polymer80 Products

    Any opinions?
  7. Truck question: 4WD not engaging while moving

    2004 Nissan Titan, 4wd won't engage while moving (it's a knob selector, not a lever), I hear a ratchety sound, like thingy A not fully engaging with thingy B. Works fine when I engage at a stand still. I'm now paranoid about it maybe not disengaging, given a little 'machine noise' when...
  8. Being disarmed at a traffic stop

    The back story: met my soon to be new wife at the place we train about 10 years ago. I've been there for 20+ years. One of her contemporaries there, and a very cool guy and friend, is a Mass State Trooper. The future Mrs. L. got her LTC, because I can be quite convincing, and she's very...
  9. Derringer?

    I just secured my Dad's firearms while he's dealing with a health issue. One of them is a Derringer from Cobra Enterprises in .22 Mag, long bore. I have no knowledge or experience with these, tell me about it ...
  10. Question on being disarmed during an LEO encounter

    The duty to inform thread, along with memories of LEO encounter videos, got me thinking about what might happen once an LEO knows a citizen is carrying a firearm during an otherwise innocuous encounter. I've seen and heard of the LEO disarming the citizen, at least temporarily, in the guise of...
  11. First build complete!

    Took me a few years to acquire the parts and assemble, but it's ready to go. Got the muzzle device and stock pinned this weekend, purchasing some ammo this week, firing next weekend. Here's a picture and the bill of materials, some prices might be high as I purchased mostly during lean times...
  12. AR-15 finish touch-up

    Just finished my first build, it went really well. Got to check head space and have the muzzle device fixed to really call it complete. I use Aero Precision receivers, and have a couple of tiny spots where the black anodized finish got nicked, mainly on the underside of the forward assist...
  13. WTS Ridgid Sliding Compound Miter saw MS1290LZ

    Lightly used, excellent condition. Comes on MS-UV utility stand. $450. I'm selling it for a relative, will be moving it to my house Pepperell this week.
  14. WTS Ridgid Table Saw TS3650

    Lightly used, excellent condition. Comes on Hercu-Lift casters. $325. I'm selling it for a relative, will be moving it to my house Pepperell this week.
  15. AR pin & weld, headspace check

    Finishing up my AR build this weekend, I'm going to need to get the muzzle brake pinned and welded, and would like the head space checked. What's a reasonable fee for such work, and where would I go within 25 mi of Pepperell for a quality job?
  16. Mass non-resident permit after move to NH

    I live in Mass and have had my LTC-A for a number of years (~8), also a NH non-res. Started house hunting for the next place, including southern NH. Will still work and spend much time in Mass. Is it an easy thing to get a non-res LTC, unrestricted, especially given my current unrestricted...
  17. WTS Coleman Roadtrip Grill

    Cloleman Roadtrip Grill, more info can be seen here. Bought last fall, used once. Pristine condition, $125, pick up in Groton.
  18. Lower vise block (AR-15) loan

    Hi Folks, I'm closing in on completing my build, just have to tighten the castle nut and barrel nut, then the rest of the assembly is very quick. I was able to find a reasonably priced upper vise block, but don't want to spend $50 on something I'll use once. Anyone within reasonable distance...
  19. Pre-ban AR magazine price

    Pretty close to finishing my first build, so I'm thinking about magazines. Before I put a WTB thread in the classifieds, what's a reasonable cost for a pre-ban 30 round?
  20. Basic Firearms Safety class

    Any recommendations for classes coming up soon? Moved my stuff into the new place with the new woman, she figures (rightly) that she should know how to safely handle and use the firearms I've brought into the house. We're in Groton, MA.
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