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  1. Suppressed LCP II .22LR

  2. What year did you start shooting?

    I'm guessing the .22 bolt action rifles at scout camp, so probably about the same time as: i.e. circa 1979-ish.
  3. Joe Biden's pick to head the ATF David Chipman was confronted by Republican senators during his confirmation hearing Wednesday

    They have home addresses. They have wives that go to work. They have children that go to school. IDENTIFY THEM.
  4. Called out for not wearing a mask

    You pay THEM for their services. FIRE them And if your "wife" cannot understand... fire HER. If she objects remind her in Bidenland, that could be LITERAL: https://nypost.com/2021/08/21/taliban-set-woman-on-fire-for-bad-cooking-afghan-activist-alleges/
  5. Littleton Shitheads

    Who directed them? Doxx them. If they're elected officials, it isn't even illegal or unethical - it's part of the public record.
  6. MA Freedom Rally Dumpster Fire

    It is, but only if it's allowed to happen and someone is of a mind to do so. And yes, I've long suspected that there's been funny business here in Connecticut. Most recently, of course, with 2020: isn't it peculiar that, prior, absentee ballots were tightly regulated (and those who got them -...
  7. MA Freedom Rally Dumpster Fire

    ...all of which will mean absolutely nothing if the voting process itself is sufficiently compromised.
  8. MA Freedom Rally Dumpster Fire

    I'm still fond of mysterious midnight fires at politicians' / judges' / ... residences. And aides (or family members) just up and disappearing without a trace, never to be heard from again.
  9. Fauci is a piece of s%*t

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiCQcEW98OY People started tuning in to the TeeVeeNooze again after near abandonment during the early days of the virus outbreak, cuz legit fear. Then STAYED tuned in to find out what their overseers had (arbitrarily and capriciously) decided to close or...
  10. Is it go time?

    For some reason, I read that as "kilt" not 'kit"
  11. Is it go time?

    Craft Services, or something real?
  12. Plymouth shooting: Jake Davison was licensed gun holder

    They just go by different names.
  13. Plymouth shooting: Jake Davison was licensed gun holder

    FIFY (And yes, I know this was Across the Pond. Nevertheless.)
  14. Is it go time?

    OK: https://mises.org/profile/ludwig-von-mises
  15. Fauci is a piece of s%*t

    Despite knowing about the WEF it is still somewhat amazing to me that man isn't before the Hague.
  16. Fauci is a piece of s%*t

    Evolutionary pressure is for viruses to get more contagious and less virulent. Numbers from "official" sources are agenda-driven propaganda, so good luck finding confirmation or verifiable refutation.
  17. Fauci is a piece of s%*t

    IF we still have "history" [thinking]
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