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  1. "Second Amendment America's Original Homeland Security" T-shirt- moonbat rant

    This isn't specifically 2a, but I might have had somebody attempt to corner me the other day while I was getting gas. It was an early 20's guy. I try not to judge a book by its cover, but occupy hippy is a good visual summary. It was over a bumper sticker on my truck that says "The Emperor...
  2. SHTF, long term disruption of medical services, and hollistic medicine.

    A poultice of mashed fresh tumeric and coconut oil is supposed to have antimicrobial properties, and help with staph cellulitis. Not that in a shtf scenario either of those things will be easy to come by. I was trying to fight it, but my fever just kept holding, and infection site was getting...
  3. SHTF, long term disruption of medical services, and hollistic medicine.

    I know a lot of you guys have extra prescription medications set aside as preps, but that stuff doesnt have an indefinite shelf life, and eventually supply will dwindle. As I type this, I'm running a 102.5 degree fever due to a staph infection caused by some spider bites. I got me...
  4. Lost my Best Friend Today

    Sorry. [sad] It sucks they live so much shorter lives than we do. It sucks even more when that short life ends early.
  5. Another winner (allegedly) making us look bad at the worst possible time.

    The truth is probly somewhere in the middle. But the dad is a cornball and has some bad white boy rapper videos on youtubes, and he has big scary knives in some of them, so he's 101% guilty.
  6. Oklahoma guntry club to serve alcohol

    Yeah, but you guys shoot, so you get it. My dog is hiding in the basement right now from the collective hypersonic screech being put out by all the hand wringing panty wetters who just found out that you can legally have guns and booze in proximity to each other.
  7. Another winner (allegedly) making us look bad at the worst possible time.

    Read the comments in the wickedlocal article. Someone put up a 4 post rebuttal telling another side to this thing. C'mon guys. Most of you will shit all over public schools, their employees and policies at the drop of a hat. Why is it the second you hear about someone doing something...
  8. Google glass may actually help the gun community.

  9. Rossi Lever Action .357 Awesomness

    Good for you man! This is a gun that will always be close to my heart. I learned to shoot on a 16" .357 Rossi, back in 1990-91. It was made by Puma, not Braztec but pretty much the same except for the safety. BTW, the pic isnt showing up when I view the thread, but the [img] string is...
  10. I witnessed a kaboom today.

    Oh man! Glad everybody is OK. Please keep us updated, I'd like to hear what Ruger has to say.
  11. Buy a 10/22 or a CMMG conversion kit for my AR?

    A lot of good advice, thanks guys. I think I'm going to suck it up and try to join Wallum Lake. If I apply this month, I won't get voted in until next month, and it looks like I'll only have to pay a half years due's. And then I'll get a 10/22. And maybe after that the conversion kit...
  12. Buy a 10/22 or a CMMG conversion kit for my AR?

    So the land I usually shoot on was recently put up for sale, and I can't shoot there right now, or possibly ever again. While I'm working towards a range membership, (the place I'd want is a tad pricy, and requires a lot of volunteer hours I don't really have to give) I'm stuck with the public...
  13. Shop local, shop small.

    Pretty sure 4 seasons qualifies as a small business. I've never been there, since I can't buy anything fun at all in MA, but 4 seasons gets a fantastic rep everywhere I go. Why? From what I hear, they do it right. HOLY SHIT THE FREE MARKET AT WORK!1!. I don't think Adam meant support your...
  14. Shop local, shop small.

    I'd like this post 'til I had blisters on my clicky finger if I could. Shop small guys. That extra 4% or whatever pittance independent business charge over big boxes means freedom of choice in the future, and you support a neighbor.
  15. How are the gardens?

    So far this season I've -added an additional 10'x10' section to my garden, -laid over some good composted cow poop, and -double dug my rows (I don't have a tiller, and I figure as long as my back is still strong, I'll do my best to eschew machines and do it the old fashioned way) -put up a...
  16. Two Suspects Who Dragged Mom Across a Parking Lot Get a Swift Lesson in Texas’ CCW

    Cool story, but **** the blaze. Are there any other links that don't give ad money to Glen Beck?
  17. NH: National Guard chief won't answer questions about gun confiscation in a disaster

    Also, at the end of the day, who gives a **** how he answers? How will you answer IF they come for your weapons? I'm pretty confident the armed people of NH will shout down any means of confiscation. If they try it will make what happened at the Bundy ranch look like a day at Santa's Village.
  18. Awesome shot 1.43 miles...

    I wonder what kind of wound that first shot in the video would have made. The bullet was completely sideways in its tumble, and according to the video's author, it was hitting with 800 ft/lbs. What's your point, that because you can't eat it there's absolutely no reason to kill it? What...
  19. Non Traditional Easter Dinner

    It's chrusciki. I had to look it up. Growing up there was a 1st gen. Polish family a few houses down from my grandparents farm. Their son was my age and we hung out a lot. He always called american chop-suey over toast chrusciki's. I never knew why. My whole life until now I thought thats...
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