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  1. Niantic, CT - oops.

    Shirt tail is also a good possibility. I find when doing lots of draws I have retuck very often
  2. Big shot NYC attorney sues for LTC

    So he's not suing to get NYC to issue permits, just to issue HIS permit?
  3. Bren 2 vs Sig MCX Virtus

    Just watched the video. Makes me nervous that the CZ manual says it may break if over gassed. Makes me think thats not durable
  4. Bren 2 vs Sig MCX Virtus

    I like the firing pin lock in the virtis so my truck gun can be transported with the chamber loaded
  5. 20 Years in Reflection: Where were you on September 11th 2001

    I was driving on 95 in Rhode Island heading to Metropolitan Life in Boston to teach a seminar on retirement planning to their advisors Listening to Imus’s first report of a “small plane” hitting the first tower, then the second impact after. The receptionist was crying when I arrrived. The...
  6. MA EZ Drive (EZ Pass) Being Silly and Me being Dumb.

    The will spend more time hunting you than a murderer
  7. My opinion on 2 CCW's

    Try the new S&W Shield Plus
  8. Flux Raider legality

    Wouldn't the "magazine holder" be considered a forward vertical grip which is forbidden on pistols?
  9. Perfect home defense shotgun

    I prefer ARs over shotguns for HD. Higher capacity, faster and easier reload, lower recoil, good for close and long range.
  10. First rifle for 13 year boy ?

    M&P 22
  11. Why You Should Turn Your Guns In To The Government

    I did a background check and found the government has a history of violence and corruption and therefore is prohibited from buying firearms
  12. CNN Town Hall: Joe Biden Suggests a 9mm Pistol Ban

    My S&W with extended mag has a capacity of 23 shots. Thankfully, he only want to ban guns with 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots
  13. Experience with calf/ankle holster?

    Ankle holsters are very good for access in a car and have good applications when you are ground fighting For regular carry, they are a slow draw because you have to stop moving, bend over and lift your pant leg to get to your gun. Because of that you are unable to run while drawing. Not a...
  14. Hype over HK 416

    It’s was best built piston when it was available
  15. Taurus Revolvers

    Friends don't let friends buy Taurus
  16. How Patients Answered, "Do you have access to guns?" prior to Suicide Death

    I don't respond well to immature insults from a keyboard commando.
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