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  1. Bradshaw Bashers and DB custom knuckles

    Up for sale is a pair of Bradshaw Bashers, they are made by the Bradshaw knife company, these could be considered a paperweight. They are CNC machined piece of heavy brass, Asking $75 shipped Sold as display item only DB customs Sold Will follow all state and federal laws
  2. WTS German/ Nazi Parade dagger

    This dagger/ bayonet is in good shape, asking $50, will ship for $10 Located Norton area
  3. Umbrella Corp, battle worn Cerakote job

    Came out amazing Done by Tim at Gartman Arms,
  4. Cool find under butt plate.

    I picked up a JC Higgins 103.18. When I removed the stock I found something interesting and this caused me to remove the butt plate for another find. Looks to include names of battleships.
  5. WTS WTS 05-14 Mustang wheels

    I'm looking to sell a set of chrome 2010 Gt500 repro wheels. They are in good shape, small spot on one wheel, they sell for $720 new I'm asking $425 I will email pic on request
  6. WTS WTS 2 IPhone4s

    I have two Iphone 4s's one is white other is black. At&t is the carrier They are both in great shape come with box and chargers would like to get $300 each or $575 for both would also take firearm im trade. Im located in easton mass
  7. New LTC license number

    Does anybody know why they issue a new number on a renewed license? Does this mean I have 4 more FTF? Hahahaha Does this mean when this number is pulled it will show I own zero firearms? I would not think that fancy system they have can keep track of these types of changes
  8. Member ship trouble

    Just renewed and it usally goes green right away, so is there a problem at the moment
  9. M&P Question

    So I have no experiance with the m&p pistols and recently picked one up, upon check the gun over. I noticed that the trigger bar can be moved over with the lightest touch. This causing the gun not to fire, this can also be duplicated by sticking finger up mag well My concern is that the...
  10. Hopkins and allen, 22 revolver question?

    I came across a hopkins allen revolver in 22, which I would like to fire. I know that modern 22 should not be used but what about .22 cb, aguila? The lock up seem tight enough when trigger is depressed and seems in time
  11. Positive respones from state Reps

    Sent a email this morning and just got this in reply Dear Shawn, Thank you for contacting me. You accurately point out the flawed approach of the Governor and anti-gun groups. You can count on me to protect our sacred Second Amendment rights. I am watching this issue closely and I will not...
  12. Pre-ban Glock 19 Mags On Gunbroker

  13. All this time I've been missing out

    I have a new love which might put my glock 19 second on my list of favorite guns
  14. Can't ad a Title to my ad in the new classifieds

    There is no place to type a description of my item it is not there
  15. For some quick laughs Airsoft Bums haha

    http://www.strikeforcesports.net/forums/showthread.php?t=4&page=7 Scroll thru the thread the pictures are funny
  16. Vincent D'Onofrio (GOMER PYLE) supports mag ban

    Vincent D'Onofrio (GOMER PYLE) supports mag ban Just saw it on channel seven can't find it online yet

    Glad to see that you support the second amendment but must you have forgot about the first. You ban a guy who has been a good guy to forum A great firearms lawyer, which there are not many of in this state. Free advice on the laws he gave us,Letting us in on firearm court cases, Promoting NES on...
  18. Woman finds strange man in bed haha

    Watch until the brother is talked its comedy gold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzNhaLUT520&feature=player_embedded

    HOW TO START EACH DAY WITH A POSITIVE OUTLOOK! 1. Open a new folder in your computer 2. Name it 'Barack Obama' 3. Send it to recycle bin 4. Empty the recycle bin 5. Your PC will ask you: Do you really want to get rid of Barack Obama? 6. Firmly click YES 7. Feel better...
  20. XD45 Grip angle?

    I just got a XD45 and it feels as if the grip angle is just like my glocks. Is it me? or are they almost the same?
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