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  1. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    LMAO! They did that to me once on a rifle purchase I wasn’t expecting to go through for a few months. I was eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so I could save my credit card balance from getting any higher.
  2. I need 30-30

    I was kinda thinking you might have been alive when it was a bigger problem ;) If there’s one ‘old guy’, I’ll never intentionally piss off/cross, it’s you. You’re the reason Maura has nightmares about walking the endless labyrinth of hallways in the Mill, unable to prosecute any FFL’s with her...
  3. I need 30-30

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/2jc8nt/the_final_word_on_tubular_magazine_detonations/ Good article and discussion on tube mag detonations and how they’re not really a ‘thing’ anymore...but also why they ‘used’ to be more prevalent.
  4. 13 Guns & Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammo Stolen In Hotel Parking Lot

    He should REALLY know better...then again, he’s not exactly a Marine ;) I was helping break down a tent once in the field when I was supposed to be guarding a weapons stack...I was about 10 feet from the stack where the tent was an my SSgt. mosied over and asked who was guarding the...
  5. Hello, new guy reporting in...

    Except it doesn’t show that I got banned for ‘threatening’ another member that ripped me off on an op rod. It might be tough to find me over there ;) The guy that sold me the op rod lives less than an hour and a half from my ‘new’ home though...so he might get a flaming back of dog shit on his...
  6. Go Navy, beat Air Force!

    Semper Foosball!
  7. SCAR. Why?

    lolz ummm...what?
  8. Hello, new guy reporting in...

    You don’t waste anytime creeping, do ya?
  9. What would you pay for case prep?

    I paid $.05 last year from a guy in NJ on the USRifleTeams site...I think he stopped doing it already. The best thing about his service is he separated all the brass at the end of the process during final inspection into groups that met his standards for match brass and those that did not...
  10. Hello, new guy reporting in...

    Dude...what if she’s hot?!?!
  11. Hello, new guy reporting in...

    14 posts in and no one has bitched at him for posting this in General Discussion? Who are you people and what have you done with my NESr’s?
  12. Survival/Bushcraft Knife - There can be only one (or two)

    Just wondering...why would you guys be sleeves up in a field environment?
  13. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    What in the actual f***, Batman! They did that just to f*** with me...I’m convinced.
  14. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    To what? 5.56? Would probably need all new bolt/possibly trunnion too. Swapping AK barrels is a PITA and you really need a shop press, I think? @Mountain made a press out of a couple brake rotors and some threaded rods, but I think that was for the entire receiver and not just the barrel.
  15. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    R-P (Remington) 7.62x39 brass are small rifle primed. I have 505 of them...if I lose more than 5 and I can’t find more, I’m going to blow a gasket :)
  16. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    And made fresh in Indiana!
  17. Mass AK thread.

    the one exception I’ve found that’s commercially available is the (I know, I know) Magpul Zhukov. I’m not a magpul furniture fanboy, but this stock just friggen works. I have one on my Arsenal 107 and it’s REALLY comfy considering it’s on a 7.62 gun. NOW...you wanna talk uncomfortable...ever...
  18. Survival/Bushcraft Knife - There can be only one (or two)

    All excellent advice/observations. I’m definitely counting on it being ‘more than meets the eye’, and the class reviews tell the story a little better than the official syllabus. I forgot you were really involve with the scouts with your sons. Also something I’ve toyed with getting involved in...
  19. Survival/Bushcraft Knife - There can be only one (or two)

    It looks like it is a Dave Canterbury course...forgive me because I don’t know who that is? I’ll definitely post up a review! Not sure how good I’ll be at taking pictures because I have a tendency to become immersed in my training, but I’ll do my best. I’m toying with the idea of taking the...
  20. Survival/Bushcraft Knife - There can be only one (or two)

    training...and training. And they can GFThemselves with their $245 wool blanket...I’ll go with the surplus option, thank you very much. I’ve never regretted a learning experience, no matter how tough/shitty it was. Just building on my existing skill sets/training from years as a former boy...
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