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  1. Limu Emu and Doug

    Better than all the drug commercials!
  2. Oil - hot water tank

    Let’s see, cad cell eye, primary control, igniter, electrodes, nozzle, coupling, pump, motor, chamber, take your pick!
  3. Boston Red Sox 2020

    Cora...See you later Trump hater!’
  4. The world lost it's best drummer

    I’ll be the 5th dentist and say I never cared for Rush.
  5. Deer Population?

    Not here!
  6. Oil burner question

    There usually is no pre purge. A call for heat starts the powerventer. The pressure switch makes after proving the fan is still working and now sends power back down to your primary control. Which then starts your burner which may have a pre purge setting built into your primary control.
  7. Oil burner question

    I have changed out those pot switches a few times without issue. Always solves the problem. Because you have no natural draft you need the fan to run to remove the residual combustion gases after the burner shuts off. As you know they now vent out into your house. You need to find someone to...
  8. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    It really is over!
  9. Massachusetts Permit to Store More Than 10,000 Rounds

    Last I counted I had 9,999 rounds, no permit needed.:)
  10. Hunting Question

    I’ve spent half a day dragging a big buck out of the Vermont woods. Pull rest pull rest. The problem with that is your sweating dragging then you take a break and you start to get the chills.
  11. The President Trump Megathread

    Like father like son!
  12. Honeywell WiFi thermostat issues

    Just remember the manager on your S2000 is very expensive. Remember to shut the power off before wiring in your new t’stat.
  13. Honeywell WiFi thermostat issues

    I believe A2 is common on your manager. A meter reading from either T1 or A1 to A2 would tell you. If you read 24 volts from what I just told you than A2 is verified common.
  14. Honeywell WiFi thermostat issues

    To find common on your transformer, a multimeter would help. Set it to ac volts, one lead to a terminal on the transformer and one lead to ground(metal). The terminal that gives you a 24 volt reading is your hot. The the terminal that gives you no voltage reading is your common.
  15. Honeywell WiFi thermostat issues

    The T’s and A1 are both hot, your t’stat is just a switch completing the circuit. Neither one is common on your S2000.
  16. Elijah Cummings won’t be down for breakfast.

    One less Trump hater!
  17. Stumptown on tv

    There’s nothing and I mean nothing worth watching on network tv.
  18. ATV Use/Sales tax and registration in MA for private property use?

    Mine fell off the ferry boat!:D
  19. My tick removal crew

    This is how I like my turkey!
  20. Anyone else into air guns?

    Pellets start to destabilize at 1000 FPS and above.
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