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  1. Can you identify this creature in my driveway?

    My vote is someone got a black magic curse going on you.
  2. 3 One Year Green Membership Karma...

    "gasaman" Yes I Want To Go Green!!!
  3. Pembroke car crash

    The POS drunk/drugged driver should get a life sentence with no chance of ever being released. My simpathy to the OP, the victims and their families and friends. So sad....
  4. Winter Crate Project

    Personally I would be using a couple more substantial straps to hold the crate on, loose those silly rubber band bungees.
  5. Pistol Rack Karma

  6. NES membership karma.

  7. This wolfman has retired.

    Good luck on your move! Congrats on retirement!!!
  8. West Bridgewater: “Home struck from stray rifle round four individuals questioned”

    Wasn’t Fonzie’s originally on rt 28? That douche now has a shop in Meredith NH.
  9. Gas appliances hookup?

    Call a licensed plumber....
  10. Mobile vet to put dog down

    In Home Pet Euthanasia Boston, MA - Last Updated September 2019 - Yelp Good luck-
  11. Recommendations for Fire Sprinkler System

    Wet or dry the systems aren't much different. I've never seen where a fire suppression contractor specialized in one or the other, probably because they are so similar.
  12. Recommendations for Fire Sprinkler System

    I like Yankee Sprinkler out of E. Bridgewater. Fire Protection Services |Yankee Sprinkler
  13. Oh, Geraldo. Pepridge Farm Remembers!

    ^^^ THIS ^^^
  14. Pet euthanasia at home

    Sorry for your loss- We also had to euthanize our 17 yr old cat yesterday. It totally sucked! I wish I knew there was a mobile service to handle this....

    I was asking the OP, not you. But since you felt the need to make your smart @zz comments, thank you.

    What type of hours? What days?
  17. Need a plumber in Dracut!

    OP- Fixxah has walked you through the job.
  18. What kind of tree is this?

    Looks like a cedar tree.
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