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  1. What's the quickest, most efficient way for a homeowner to kill a maple tree?

    How thick are the stems? Drill out the center of the stems and pour epsom salt in?
  2. Poll: which rimfire for coyote?

    22mag vote here. I’m actually looking at a Ruger American bolt action in 22mag as a cheap quieter backyard coyote rifle. I have a 223 I built for this. But that’s way too loud with no hearing protection while I’m standing at the back door in my skivvies at sunrise. Ps. Taken a couple with 22lr...
  3. Bolt Action analysis paralysis

    I saw the Howa 1500’s the lifetime warranty looks great but not being able to adjust the trigger without voiding the warranty won’t work for me. I just picked up a Tikka T3 Tac in 223 earlier this year. Mounted my scope. Adjusted the trigger down. Retorqued the action screws and went out to...
  4. Need advice on fixed blade knife

    I found that blade shape has become more and more important to me for my steel investments. Fitting the tool to the job. Skinning knife, deboning, edc. If I wanted a inexpensive fixed blade with no intended purpose though. I’d probably go kbar. Otherwise I think you get what you pay for. I will...
  5. Anybody have any experience with the Henry AR7 rifle ?

    Got one of the Henry AR7. Knew it wasn’t going to be a tack driver when I got it. But it’s minute of rabbit or maybe squirrel if you’re close. Mine was about 1” or so at 20yds. So imo it fulfills what I wanted out of it. I also have a 10/22 takedown. Imo. They really can’t be compared. Doubt the...
  6. Need Kroil? Excellent deal...

    Good deal for a good tool to have in the tool box. Thx. Order is in.
  7. 22lr rifle for squirrel hunting

    I’m a fan of the CZ rimfires. For a stationary stand varmint/hunting rifle I have a glassed CZ455 Tacticool w/ Timney trigger with a heavy 16” barrel wearing a MaskHD. Using CCI Standard or CCI subsonicHP. As a walk around woods/field gun for squirrel and rabbit. I specifically bought a CZ 455...
  8. Magazines

    when I was making the transition I rolled with 1-2 spare 10rd mags plus a g26 with a 10+1. Switching up mag length on my spare mags threw off my blind sweep for my reloads. found I was better off running 10rd spares vs mixing up full caps and MA mags.
  9. Favorite after market pistol sights

    I prefer the Trijicon Bright and Tough tritium 3 dot sights. I find the smaller front dot allows me to make more accurate aimed shots. For defensive, I train not using my sights so they don’t matter to me for that. Only taking my time aimed shots. I put them on all my pistols that I carry so...
  10. Help. My wife hates squir

    If you’re in N.H. I would get a accurate bolt 22 lr with a threaded barrel and then order a couple maybe 3 22lr suppressors(once you get 1, you’ll want more). I’d say the 6 month wait is accurate. For me it was about Dec ‘18 to May ‘19 from mailing it in to stamp. 5 months or so from check...
  11. Glock 42 Reliability?

    I have a couple 42’s no issues at all since Glock replaces all my early gen mags with newer ones. And a 43 that I haven’t shot much yet. No issues in that either. If you have a 26 I would debate the 42 vs 43. Just to keep the same caliber ammo if anything. 42 makes a great pocket pistol for me.
  12. .45 dilemna

    Can’t speak to a 1911 threaded host yet. But I love my g21 and my HK usp tac 45 as hosts. My HK came with metric LH thread. Where my aftermarket G21 barrel is RH. Factory Glock is LH I believe. So ended up with 2 Pistons. These two hosts balance my Obsidian well.
  13. Question about loading a pick-up truck's bed

    You're good with boxes, a few chairs and a mattress. bag the mattress. I personally like to take a cargo net and toss it over everything when I'm transporting as added insurance. 3-4" grid keeps anything that might shake or blow loose from getting away. Usually weave the netting down with the...
  14. Recommend me a decent pancake air compressor

    It’s not a pancake but my father and I each have one of these. We like them for the small jobs. Factory Reconditioned Hitachi EC99S Portable 4 Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor
  15. Sex in the office question

    I’d have fired him.
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