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  1. Eastern Security Safe Co Tent Sale - Mendon Ma

    Thank you everyone! I am actually putting it inside a hurricane room in my basement that would be good enough for a safe room but I like being overly cautious. I am now reconsidering the size though. Maybe I'll just buy a 50 and the wife will say "WTF, I thought you were getting the small one"...
  2. Eastern Security Safe Co Tent Sale - Mendon Ma

    I don't want to start a new thread and clog up the forums so, does anyone have the ESS Sportsman series? I was looking at the 25 at Big E and I didn't know if it was really a good deal, if they had any known issues etc because I don't know who actually makes it. Hoping you guys had some input...
  3. Half of US Homeless live in California...

    In San Francisco they're building condos for $7M ea to give away for section 8 housing to homeless people, you get free everything else on top of that. I wonder why homeless are flocking there. This is a microcosm of what they want the US to be. Tell everyone you'll get everything for free, let...
  4. More Socialism May Be Coming to a Town Near You

    This is the equivalent of "socialism hasn't worked because it hasn't been done the right way". These experiments have failed every single time they've been tried but here the idiots of MA are insisting they know how to make it work. 300 people will hit the MA lottery without even having to be a...
  5. Social Media Silencing: ‘The Well Armed Woman’ Removed From Instagram

    This is why social media needs to be regulated like a utility company. This is equal to the phone company stopping your service if they don't like what you're talking about with your friends
  6. SOCIALISM: Classic Board Game Parody

    Up to $155 now on Amazon. The "cheapest" is $30 with $130 shipping. It must be really heavy
  7. WTB VP9SK

    Wanted: VP9SK I have it's big brother and it wants someone to hang out with. Not looking for something that has been used/carried a lot with wear. I'll travel within an hour of Worcester for FTF pickup or pay the transfer fee at your preferred shop.
  8. AWB of 2019...Permanent this time?

    They can try all they want, I don't think it would survive in the supreme court, especially considering how common semi-automatic rifles are and how few are used in crimes each year. I am 100% sure that a semi-automatic handgun ban would follow a year or two later if they were able to pass it...
  9. Honest question...not a troll I promise

    Far too many claim to be pro 2A and "I'm a gun owner too" and once they're in office they then claim that just want "reasonable" confiscation by force or murder. Somehow with all the lies Trump has spewed and as bad as he has been and will continue to be for all of us, he is going to win by a...
  10. Deputy responding to alarm call shoots armed homeowner in South Carolina, video shows

    Fun fact, all races are equally likely to be shot by police based on how often they interact with police. The rate of interactions are directly tied to how much you make a year and have zero to do with the color of your skin. Who knew? Well, anyone who reads government reports on police...
  11. Who's looking to buy the 365?

    I don't know how many extras they got but they pre-sold over 200 of them. They must have ordered damn near a pallet of them
  12. Who's looking to buy the 365?

    Mass Firearms sent out an email that they just got them in stock too. Not sure how many or how long they'll last. I was amazed how well it shot and how accurate it is though, I might pick one up just because
  13. Philly gun buyback, you be the judge of the location

    Are they going to test fire them before they hand out the GCs to see if they're semi or full?
  14. NRA shows signs of decline, even in Trump’s America

    How many new members did they gain from those stances though? There is a point where they lose everyone, but it definitely isn't any time soon. They might be shifting who they cater to, but that doesn't mean they're dying. Everything in life is about perspective, just because they piss you off...
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