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  1. Kick ass dogs?

    Sorry, This guy will win! :) He looks completely harmless, until I put the moves on the Mrs. Then he goes full guard dog. Jealous little beast!
  2. Another “renewal letter” town (Cohasset, MA)

    I've had a non-resident one for years. The first few years (besides being "only" $20/year) were fine with "All lawful purposes". After a new director came in, we had to start with some detailed explanation.
  3. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Yes, of course, but I always think of "Orange Man Bad" Plus, Pumpkin Spice is our dog's nickname in the Fall. :)
  4. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Orange Spice.
  5. Canada Just Banned What ????

    But what if if smells like Tuna? (sorry, couldn't resist). [rofl]
  6. 25% off LL Bean; 30% off Coach

    Slim-fit. Hah! We need more "Fat-fit" for us "average" Americans. ;) [rofl] If I ever have the money to order clothes again, and I order there, it'll be for the "Ballroom Jeans". ;)
  7. NES Sticker spotting

    Haven't seen them at Manchester Firing Line. Specifically went there to look for them.
  8. anyone been bit by a venomous snake?

    Amazing that Americans have survived for almost 400 years with all of the "wild life" that we have here.
  9. Mysterious Hybrid Rifle?

    Just honest Mexicans returning some of those F&F firearms back to their home country!
  10. GA Sheriff Claims Thieves Are Targeting Trucks With Hunting, Patriotic Stickers

    No stickers here. Besides the obvious vandalism target for SJW's (like the gentleman in NH on NES who was at a cigar bar and came back to his window smashed). Have some driver get ticked at you when they're driving like an a$$ and SWAT you, saying "he/she pulled a gun" (even though you didn't...
  11. Thinking 7.62 x 39

    What's different about the VZ over the AK? Long stroke vs. short stroke, stock dimensions, or what?
  12. GA Sheriff Claims Thieves Are Targeting Trucks With Hunting, Patriotic Stickers A while back, I was watching a video where the person on it claimed he knew which vehicles...
  13. It isn't always greener

    Look at all that erosion they are causing! Oh, the humanity! (that was part of my comment about the environmental damage and how surprised that CA hasn't banned it yet).
  14. It isn't always greener

    Yeah, I forgot to include the sarcasm font. So sorry. /s [rofl] [rofl] [rofl]
  15. It isn't always greener

    Wait! How can this be? Cali still allows these environmentally damaging, racist machines to still be possessed, let alone operated??? !!!!
  16. Anyone have experience with 7x57?

    Hmm. Must be 6.5x55 Swede! (Oh, wait - now I see the disk on the stock. Dead give away).
  17. Thinking 7.62 x 39

    I didn't know the Century and IO's used cast parts. I had an IO for a while, and it was flawless. Never jammed, etc. As for the Centurys, I'd heard about canted sights and similar issues, although everyone with the C39V2 seems to feel that they are OK.
  18. Thinking 7.62 x 39

    WASA 10 - different than the WASR recommended by another user in a post above?
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