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  1. Looking at cars, feedback on Kia Soul?

    My GF had an Elantra. We were involved in a multiple car accident when a mid 90's square body chevy 1500 blew across traffic, and dragged us into a 2004 F250. The wreck tore the front off of the car, but we escaped with minor injuries. (I have a cool scar where the airbag stuffed my black rifle...
  2. Can you say “Hunter Harrassment?”

    pepperballs in a wrist rocket.
  3. The new US Navy Mark VI Patrol Boat

    I HATED riding the "vomit comet"
  4. The OFFICIAL Video Game thread!

    I still like fallout 2, Mercenaries 2, and the most recent Just Cause.
  5. Car battery question: 600 or 650 CCA?

    I am a bit jealous of you folks. Here in high desert, car batteries have a pretty strict 3 year maximum life span.
  6. Car battery question: 600 or 650 CCA?

    Seeing as how you live where it gets freezing, I'd say the more CCA the better. No one likes a battery that has no push in it when it's too cold. That said, 10 years with a lead acid battery isn't unheard of. We had batteries for the small boats that were 25 years old on the Aircraft Carrier...
  7. Classic hunting rifle discussion

    OP, did you reach out to 1911 about that Winchester? Lever gun in .308 is seriously slick. I’d feel guilty asking him to ship it to my FFL in AZ. But that old stick would be about perfect.
  8. BREAKING: Sale of Vaping Products BANNED in MA for 4 Months

    I’d imagine all the folks headed to NH will buy the liquid off our very own member. His shop is pretty close to the border, and he carries the two liquids I like most. Charlie’s custard, and galil by cold fusion (hazelnut creme brûlée). But we must feign outrage, ban! Ban! It’s for the children
  9. BREAKING: Sale of Vaping Products BANNED in MA for 4 Months

    Well I have thought on this subject a lot. I have been using various vape devices for around 7 years now. I remember we had a get together with dirtypackman and a few NES members to learn more, and I helped some folks get the hang of wrapping the coils. All crazy DIY and such. So I’d...
  10. School me on 10mm.

    Crono said the warm loads were 1380 FPS.
  11. Classic hunting rifle discussion

    So the gunsmith that did that conversion passed away, and it’s straight up not done anymore. By anyone. He was the ultimate expert Like more rare a find than a transferable M-14 with an auto selector. That said, I’d beat my own nad flat with a ball peen hammer to own one.
  12. The President Trump Megathread

    Sit in the echo chambers they belong to online, and complain.
  13. Classic hunting rifle discussion

    You do make a good point. 30/30 has killed more deer in North America than all other rifles combined.
  14. Classic hunting rifle discussion

    Well, pop has been crushing western game with his old Winchester 70 in 7mm win mag since forever. He did end up with another model 70 in .300 wby mag. (Custom shop job? And what a** h**e gets a featherweight model 70 in .300 weatherby?!!!) It was on his advice I went with the creedmoor. And...
  15. Classic hunting rifle discussion

    I was leaning hard for a .308. But I opted for a 6.5 creed. It’s accurate and lethal to ranges further than I’d be inclined to drag a deer or elk. And it’s less recoil than the .308. Pleasant to shoot even. Much more so than the .300 wby.
  16. Need advice on fixed blade knife

    Oh!!! Totally forgot. I did pick up one of these when I built my AR clone of my as issued M-16 Honestly, I like the M7 over the M9. But eh....
  17. Thinking of a career change after losing dream job

    I'll +1 to that. The military can be an excellent way to pick up a trade. And Navy machinists are awesome dudes! Navy calls the job "machinery repairman" That said, if you are near Hingham, look at Russelectric's web page. They make all equipment and enclosures and such in house. It's an...
  18. Polymer80 build

    I can agree with this on the pistol kits. A dremel with a cutoff wheel does the raised areas easily. Then I'd slot the stupid U-channel area. Once roughed, a sanding drum is all required. If you are going for "extra pretty" sandpaper wrapped around a dowel rod does that area nicely. I do...
  19. Need advice on fixed blade knife

    I have two handy here at my desk. This Coleman western hunting knife is almost as old as I am. And it goes with me to the woods for processing game. I just picked up a Mora for fishing, haven’t even opened up the package yet.
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