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  1. WTS ac series P38 manufactured by 359 (Walther)

    price reduced
  2. WTS A2 upper off of pre94 Colt HBAR

    1/7 twist HBAR A2 upper with bayo lug and flash suppressor. Unsure of total round count but I’ve only shot 80 rounds. Looks like the bore is in great condition. $400 Thanks
  3. WTS ac series P38 manufactured by 359 (Walther)

    As far as I can tell, all the numbers match except for the magazine. Mechanically functions very well, very good bore. Some finish wear on the slide. $850
  4. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    Any scope mount that you recommend?
  5. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    Oh wow, presidents 100! Congrats Derek!
  6. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    not to hijack on a thread i started with a slight off topic item, but if I go for scoped service rifle, the barrel change is a very easy thing to do correct?
  7. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    After my first NRA match and the difficulty I had with my front post, I did get a set of front sights and rear sights from Compass Lake. Very nice set. I've been dryfiring with the biggest one, which I think is 0.72. Definitely easier but I haven't tested it out anything beyond 100 yards so...
  8. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    I did think about going scoped. My first and only NRA match I've shot so far, I think it was only me and dw617 that were shooting irons. As a relatively new competitor, I did want to get my fundamentals though. I didn't want to end up being one of those people who know how to shoot with scopes...
  9. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    Testing the limits of the law is not really worth it for me, so I'll probably just go with a 10 rounder. Here's a 10/20 mag if anyone is interested (20 Round 10 Round Black ASC 22320RDL10RDSS) but if CMP is really going to relax the mag dimension requirements, I'm more than happy to buy the...
  10. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    I see I see, I'm glad I asked. The CMP rules still require the same outside dimensions of a 20 round, correct? I went last year to try out the small arms class and shot an AR for the first time and at a distance greater than 100 yards also for the first time. Did awful but had a blast! Since...
  11. VT CMP matches: Magazine question

    I'm planning to go to VT for the CMP matches but I'm a bit confused about their new magazine law. Am I allowed to bring pre-94 20 round mags to VT for the match?
  12. When they just call to you.... Arisaka type 99

    I just grabbed an early arisaka T99 just recently as well! Good mum and all but the most attractive part for me was that it’s from the Nagoya arsenal, which is my home town. If you get to reloading for it, I hope you post some updates. Congrats on your purchase!
  13. Reading Highpower Matches

    Had great fun today, and got good set of zeros It was very nice meeting you as well!
  14. Reading Highpower Matches

    Here's the schedule I've been following. The league match at Reading is on the 11th. But it looks like there are other matches on the 12th elsewhere
  15. Reading Highpower Matches

    Great, I think I'll try that!
  16. Reading Highpower Matches

    I see I see. Then I just need to get a shooting mat and I think I’ll have the minimum requirement. Anyone know how I can zero my rifle for 200 when I only have access to a 100 yard range?
  17. Reading Highpower Matches

    I unfortunately can't make it this weekend, but I'm going to try to get out to one of the matches on the NFGA schedule soon. I don't feel ready to really shoot yet but need to study the process.
  18. Reading Highpower Matches

    Thanks for the advice! I shot an AR for the first time last September in the CMP Small arms class Vermont. I was terrible and I got hooked!
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