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  1. Lew Horton Distributing closing

    Green Supply closed recently too.
  2. Lew Horton Distributing closing

    Several distributors have gone out of business lately.
  3. Cancelling service with Comcast/Xfinity!

    Out the snowflake so we can have some fun.
  4. Thinking of a career change after losing dream job

    If not the military take a look at Coast Guard.
  5. Thinking of a career change after losing dream job

    Don’t welders end up with lung cancer or is that a myth?
  6. ATA Take Aim At Cancer Trap Shoot 9-22-19 UPDATE UPDATE

    The guy running it told me register at the shoot.
  7. Thinking of a career change after losing dream job

    Can you expand on the liability issue.
  8. Prayers needed

    More prayers coming your way.
  9. Life Insurance

    You have to look at the contract. Yours may be different, but I doubt it. I’ve seen hundreds of these when I was in the business. The reason you’re paying more is to build up a fund that’s gonna pay the premiums behind the scene, assuming the fund is big enough to sustain itself. In the class...
  10. Life Insurance

    Most of these are based on projected rates of returns, not guaranteed. Many class actions from people finding out the hard way.
  11. Life Insurance

    Buy term and invest the difference.
  12. August 4, 2019 - 9 dead, 16 injured in a shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

    It takes the news off the Kennedy kid overdosing
  13. New Gun Shop - Looking For Input

    Do you mean cheap price guns or cheaply made? I once saw a guy looking at a used gun that was $50 (200 new) and was complaining about holster wear. If you sell cheap guns beware of cheap people that might be more aggravation to you.
  14. New to ATA

    You can go to Lee and do big 50 too.
  15. Big 50 - Fitchburg - 6/15

    I don’t think you’ll find big 50 shoots around here that offer all three in same day.
  16. Big 50 - Fitchburg - 6/15

    It’s 50 singles only. Last time they offered an additional 50 to those that wanted to shoot more and 25 open shooting if you want to just practice.
  17. FYI ON GLOCK GEN 2 17's for sale

    You can get them for under 400 if you look
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