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  1. Wife's emotional affair?

    Send flowers to her work. No card. If she doesn't bring them home .....
  2. wilmington mass this weekend

    Didn't find anything I wanted. Only ran into one stinky guy. No beef jerky. Guy I talked to at eastern safe was nice and helpful. Pretty sure I will buy from them soon
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings worker dies in Burlington

    Bunch of years back I was changing out a pool heater and pump in a commercial set up. The pool guy decides to clean out the clorinator with straight muriatic acid. Had to drag him out of the pump room. Pulled fire alarm. Fire fighters washed me down with a fire hose. Lol. Pool guy went...
  4. Police cameras for license plates??

    Lots of them run plate scanners now. Completely for your protection not for revenue generation
  5. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    35 minutes in..... ill have to do more research
  6. Where do state troopers fill up gas in their cruisers and how do they pay for it?

    our work vans we use a card. enter miles and passcode into pump and fill up
  7. NH liquor question

    Sip, swallow and shut up
  8. push notifications

    got home. all kinds of shit on the desk top
  9. Sleep improvement...

    How long does it take for the marks on your face to go away
  10. SPAM phone calls

    If you are not in my contact list I don't answer
  11. Sleep improvement...

    I got ratchet straps and a compressor in the garage. I'll give it a try tonight
  12. push notifications

    Maybe I clicked no. Haven't had anything pop up
  13. push notifications

    I just blindly clicked yes.
  14. I think I just heard it all...

    I have a program/app on my work phone. Every piece of equipment I work on has a QR code. All work is tracked on my phone. If I don't have cell/WiFi it will put an end to my day 75% of the time
  15. Brits and US Guns

    The wolf has to keep the sheep scared of guns so they don't become sheep dogs
  16. NES down on Monday?

    Burn the witch
  17. NES down on Monday?

  18. NES down on Monday?

    It takes 8 hours because everyone sucks and god forbid you go over by 3 minutes. So if it's back up in 2 hours you're a hero. Even if it only took 45 minutes
  19. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    dihydrogen monoxide. That always freaks people out. Quick way to sort the open thinkers
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