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  1. "The Load" - revisited

    This is a really old post, but is Norm still making these? I'd love to pick some up. Thanks!
  2. MA-centric NFA FAQ

    I think I should give a little more information. I'm working on a bullpup conversion for the AR. Although it's a proprietary lower, it can be made from an 80% AR receiver. I have a couple pre-healeys kicking around, but I'd much rather not chop those up if not necessary... I'm not sure how the...
  3. MA-centric NFA FAQ

    This may be a stupid question... If I were to build and register an AR receiver as an AOW, would I necessarily need to attach a vertical grip to it, or could I simply register it but run it without a grip? The plan is to build a weapon that will be well under 26” and have a pistol brace on a...
  4. WTS Clean 1900 Production G96/11 with Brass and Dies

    Hey guys, Up for sale is my super clean G96/11. It was made in 1900. All parts match, and the rifle is in beautiful shape with an awesome bore. View: I'm selling with 100 pieces of Privi brass - 50 once fired, and 50 more in a sealed bag. The rifle will also...
  5. Setting Headspace on a Savage

    Thanks! I ended up going that route. I set the headspace using RR gauges and sold it to a fellow NES member that will make better use of it than I was. Cheers! Steve
  6. Setting Headspace on a Savage

    Hey guys, Does anybody have a 6.5 Creedmoor GO gauge I can borrow to set headspace on my Savage? Thanks, Steve
  7. 6.5 Creedmoor GO Gauge or Factory Hornady Case Needed for Headspacing a Savage

    Hey guys, Does anybody near Boston have a 6.5 Creedmoor GO gauge, or an unfired factory case from Hornady that I can use to set headspace on my Savage? Thank you, Steve
  8. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 4: Matching No. 4 Mk. 1 T Sniper

    A day late again, but not a buck short! This is my No. 4 Mk. 1 T Enfield sniper rifle. I bought it from a guy out in the desert in Arizona. It generated a lot more interest on Imgur than I would have expected. View: Most of them are mismatched because of...
  9. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 2: 1941 Johnson Rifle

    Damn, sorry guys! I guess I wrote the story about my M1A1 Carbine and linked it, but then wrote the wrong title for the post! I've fixed the link and description at the top, and here it is below as well. View: I'll post on that M1A1 in a few weeks when this...
  10. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 3: 1943 M1 Carbine

    Hey guys, I got tied up yesterday, but here's my Milsurp Monday post! It's a 1943 M1 Carbine. As far as I can tell it has all early features including the rear sight, high stock, two-rivet handguard, type 1 barrel band, unmarked magazine release and cross-bolt safety. View...
  11. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 2: 1941 Johnson Rifle

    How so? I don't know much about it, I just know the serial number is in an early block, and it says 41 on the barrel.
  12. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 1: John Cleary's M1 Garand

    You'll like this week's post then! I'm a day late, but I'm about to post it. Stand by
  13. Please Help Moving Threads

    Thank you!
  14. Reloading for the K31 ?

    Cool, thank you. I’ll probably just pick up about 100 cases and some Lee dies. I think I’ll adjust the die for whichever of my two chambers is smaller so I can keep ammo commonality. WC872 is an extremely slow surplus powder mostly used in .50 BMG, 20mm. It’s also used to load large magnum...
  15. Please Help Moving Threads

    Hey guys, I decided to start posting some pictures of one of my milsurps every Monday, but I didn’t know about this subforum. I posted the first two under General Discussion. Is there a way they can be moved into this forum? Here are the threads: S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 1: John Cleary's...
  16. Reloading for the K31 ?

    Fair enough. I’ll look for it. Thanks!
  17. Reloading for the K31 ?

    I would love to hear back, as I’m about to start loading for my K31 and G96/11. I plan to do some experimentation with WC872 to see if it can produce a viable mild load that doesn’t leave too much unburned powder. Any experience using .284 brass? I was planning to use that instead of the Swiss...
  18. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 2: 1941 Johnson Rifle

    EDIT: I guess I wrote the post about my M1A1 and then zoned out and wrote the wrong title! Here are the pictures of the Johnson... Sorry about that! View: I don't really know a whole lot about it. I know that it's in an early enough serial number block to have...
  19. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 1: John Cleary's M1 Garand

    I think I'll smoke cordite before I put corrosive through that!
  20. S11's Milsurp Mondays Episode 1: John Cleary's M1 Garand

    I think you have to click on the link below the picture to get the album. I'll see if I can fix it to show a thumbnail though.
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