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  1. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    Thanks. Double checked, it is a 5C, will also verify if gravity is still working on 11/4!
  2. Apple: Older iPhones, iPads must be updated before Sunday (11-03-2019)

    My wife's iPhone 5 hit the wall at 10.3.3, says it is up to date, hasn't allowed an update for quite a while.
  3. Staying Informed about Firearm-Related Events
  4. Lowell woman convicted in fatal road rage shooting

    From article .. On Tuesday, Graciela Paulino, 22, was originally charged with murder in the shooting of Marc Devoe, a 34-year-old construction worker of Peabody.
  5. Dangerous and unconstitutional: NJ governor bans sale of insurance to gun owners

    I think, anatomically, it is a bit farther south.
  6. Massachusetts considers legislation to criminalize "Bitch" word...

    Also, “keepers of noisy and disorderly houses”!!!
  7. White Fort Worth police officer shoots and kills 28-year-old black woman in her home

    Fail begins with neighbor, concerned about open door? How about calling your neighbor to check on them, or god forbid, walk your ass over and take a look, yell hello and actually observe the situation from a safe distance? JFC, society has been trained to be utterly helpless. Cop completes...
  8. Tesla driver asleep behind the wheel on the Pike

    Wonder how well they handle a spin-out from a patch of black ice or hydroplaning.
  9. Gun Ownership and Fear

    seems to be a fox in the henhouse
  10. Walmart stops selling most ammo and bans open carry

    Pretty sure the elitist, Alyssa Milano uber lefty crowd this douche is virtue signaling for are not his core market demographic. Maybe I’m wrong and the people of Walmart gun owners will line up in support. [thinking]
  11. Joe Biden

  12. Jogging in the street. A-holes that try to see how close they can get and my rights to defend myself

    I travel for work from Syracuse east and Canada south to the LI sound, one of my biggest pet peeves are the f**ktards jogging / walking in the travel lane, back to traffic, wearing earbuds. Nearly every city / town has its share of these morons jogging in the road on the wrong side with a god...
  13. Harvard Study Refutes Value of Trigger Warnings

    This needed to be studied? I thought patently stupid was apparent enough to those among us with an IQ above room temp. Jesus. [banghead]
  14. Methadone and LTC

    That's the quandary, if there is a methadone registry and if inclusion in such program/registry is a statutory DQ, how did he get an LTC? Was hoping someone could provide a citation in MGL if it exists.
  15. Methadone and LTC

    What happens in the Shire, stays in the Shire. o_O
  16. Methadone and LTC

    My curiosity was piqued as a known addict in my town, on daily methadone dosing for years, just received a shiny new LTC. So wondering if he had to have lied on the application, or do I have a unicorn for a Chief.
  17. Methadone and LTC

    Right, but does a yes response trip a statutory DQ, or is it Chief”s discretion as to suitability?
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