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  1. The President Trump Megathread


    Tell your dad I still play Karsten 2's. - 2 through sand wedge. A few new shafts but aside from that going strong.
  3. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    Betty the 1024 affirmative action fake south american not north american indian fly's mostly commercail. How big of her what a fng twat. “So I’ve mostly been flying commercial,” Warren said, explaining that her campaign has been trying to look at “other ways” to reduce its carbon footprint.
  4. Seattle public schools declare math is racist...

    So what's next....swimming?
  5. Gunowner shot with own gun....

    That one was classic. Here is another favorite and sorry for getting off subject had to
  6. The President Trump Megathread

  7. Chinglish Anyone?

    It happens on a regular basis to me with Japan. They'll also ask me to wait while they talk amongst themselves in Japanese so I hired a woman who speaks fluent Japanese to be on our confernece calls. We'll see how that goes.
  8. $3.3 Millon For A Tuna ???

    Tuna sold as low as .77 per pound this summer. Wicked Tuna is BS.
  9. Cancelling service with Comcast/Xfinity!

    They both blow
  10. Chinglish Anyone?

    I deal with Asia a lot particularly Japan. I keep it to myself but have to admit I get a chuckle every now and then. Framework = Flamework as in We need to prepare a flamework. Or this reply. "I think it is good as long as much to electrical plan what I received from Japan" - Say what?
  11. Show me your watches. :)

  12. RFK Jr. Says Security Guard Thane Cesar Killed His Father, CIA Led Cover-Up

    Cosa Nostra took out JFK and RFK. They fixed the Illinois vote that helped push JFK over the top. Connections to Joe Sr. from back in prohibition days. Then RKF get's appointed AG and starts taking them down. Rest is history. Disappeared Hoffa too. Don't mess with the mafia.
  13. China Has A Strategic Pork Reserve

    China owns Smithfield
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