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  1. Need screw for S&W model 10

    Seeing the title, I had to check to see if this thread was an offer to trade a vintage Model 10 in exchange for *ahem* services rendered. Sorry. I know, I'm no help whatsoever. I ain't right. Barry
  2. Funny Green New Deal Slam video

    Okay. Thanks for the new link! That was good! I usually enjoy the senator from Utah. Unfortunately, we here are stuck with the fake Indian and the co-sponsor of the green dream, or whatever it's called. Barry
  3. Funny Green New Deal Slam video

    Doesn't work for me either. I wonder if it's one of those Apple device issues. xjma99, MisterHappy; is that what you're using? Barry

    The place was insanely packed yesterday. I live in a neighboring town, and the gridlock spilled over here. They set a record for attendance actually. It's not exactly comforting to know that the more crowded it is, the more lax they are with security. Like usual, and as you demonstrated, the...
  5. Got to get a loud horn

    Love that. I always joked about making essentially the same video when I was driving my Buick Roadmaster. It has the same horns as a Cadillac. Barry
  6. So long, farewell, it's been good to know ya... UPDATE post 164

    Congratulations, God bless, safe travels, best of luck, dilly dilly, etc! Seriously. Sounds a lot like living the dream. My brother-in-law moved to TN some years ago, and laughs at the thought of ever coming back this way. Funny how living in America is so much more affordable than what it costs...
  7. Georgia homeowner shoots, kills 3 masked teens, deputies say

    I'm sure they were good boys...very good boys. Barry
  8. Rick Ocasek isn't going to be down to drive you home tonight where you belong

    And I was not aware of that one either! I guess I really can't distinguish between their voices! Barry
  9. Rick Ocasek isn't going to be down to drive you home tonight where you belong

    R.I.P. The Cars were one of my favorite bands back in the day. This thread is the first time I've ever watched a video of Moving in Stereo. I never realized Ric didn't do the vocals on that one! Barry
  10. My tick removal crew

    Cool! Earlier this year, we had one "single mother with her kids" that would visit our yard almost every day. We just enjoyed watching them. I had no idea about the tick thing. Makes me appreciate them even more! Barry
  11. Governor Matt Bevin Eliminates Concealed Permit Requirement in Kentucky

    We should copy the article and e-mail it to Faker, with the subject line: "This is how you governor". Barry
  12. Florida Bill Would Make It a Crime for Minors to Post Pictures of Guns on Social Media

    Congratulations, Pizz! Another fine solution to a problem that doesn't exist! Of course, we know they're not the slightest bit interested in reducing crime. If they were, they'd do something radical; like...focusing on criminals! It's just one more "progressive" step towards making guns seem...
  13. Yang 2020 running on "gun safety"

    After reading Yang's proposals, I remember why I never click on the links. My brain hurts now. What makes me want to puke, and I know that I'm preaching to the choir here, is that there's one simple fact. Using a gun to commit a crime or kill someone, self defense excluded, is already against...
  14. Happy Birthday to me

    Hey, Goose, of "rules" fame. Sorry it's a day late, but I hope you had a good one! God bless, and many more! Barry
  15. Big E gun show worth it?

    Don't give them any ideas. I don't think they've tried that yet. Barry
  16. USA Today Poll

    I did the same. "Strongly agree" has a sizable lead. The story kind of contradicts itself. In the first paragraphs, they give examples of how the background checks have failed. Then, they say that the "gun show loophole" needs to be closed, so there would be background checks done there too. Barry
  17. Big E gun show worth it?

    There's also a car/motorsports show this weekend, in a different building on the fairgrounds, if anyone is interested. Separate admission charge, obviously. Barry
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