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  1. T/C Omega5 B.P. inline muzzle loader

    You can upgrade the push rod to one with a folding “T handle” at the end. It fits in the same spot and will save your hand.
  2. Does Dillon Usually Have Any Specials For Black Friday / The Holidays?

    Check out Bobcat Armament, they always get in used equipment as well as being a dealer for new. They always runs sales and post a lot on Facebook to update their inventory.
  3. Gun Storage in an Apartment

    Just my 2 cents as someone who lived in an apartment for a few years. Get a Golden Rod dehumidifying rod for whatever safe you get. You probably won’t have much control over the air quality unless you go out and buy your own stuff. A cheap $30 rod really helps keep rust and mold off your guns.
  4. EFA10/ATF Form 1 Question

    ATF will approve them, read through the NFA sub forum, lots of people have been approved. If you EFA10 them after you get the form back then registering them will only allow you to register as a handgun because the barrel is less than 16”. (It’s stupid but so are the people who make up our...
  5. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Their side also received an email form someone in the statehouse advising them to show up early for a meeting of some kind. Me, my wife and a few others overheard a guard asking one of the moms to see the email and then stated “those doors won’t open until 10 AM”.
  6. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    I agree with what was posted above and my opinions are some of the same, but also something different. As far as being uniform in looks, the bright yellow shirt that says “we will not comply” sends a clear message and it is very easy to see. I think someone needs to make shirts that everyone...
  7. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    How about next time we all wear the Star of David that says gun owner. When they ask what it’s supposed to mean it a talking point of what their laws would basically do to us.
  8. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Moms demand action posted pictures on their Facebook page and stated “moms demand action flooded the statehouse today”.
  9. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Already spotted an orange shirt in the statehouse asking for directions to room A2.
  10. WTB Sig P320 9mm

    Found what I wanted. Lock the thread. I’m looking for a Sig P320 in 9mm. Open to various frame sizes and colors, I’m not specific to any exact model. PM me if you have one to sell.

    Why the hell would we support ammo being signature required?
  12. healy: victory for 2A ?

    In my opinion is it the judge kicking the can further down the road. -On several occasions so far, the judges looked at the case and say that we do in fact have a legitimate concern. -They deny the AG’s motions to dismiss. -They give us the go ahead to proceed to the next step. Basically says...
  13. TN ammo tax unconstitutional, repealed

    “We specialize in small arms”
  14. TN ammo tax unconstitutional, repealed

    Browsing some other forums I came across this. T-Rex Arms in Tennessee we’re able to hire a lobbyist and work within their own statehouse and repeal an ammo tax that was deemed unconstitutional. It took effect 7/1/19 I thought this was awesome and worthy of sharing. Give credit where it’s due...
  15. End of private transfers in MA?

    $15 transfers and $5 of that automatically goes to Comm2A or similar group. This is what I would do IF I was a dealer, but I’m not. I hope none of this crap passes.
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