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  1. Alternative to Hoppes

    I've used mineral spirits occasionally to clean the crud out of .22 pistols. Not sure if it would work on fouling but it smells better than Hoppes.
  2. Massive Fire Destroys Pac-Nor Barreling Plant in Oregon

    PAC-NOR barrel plant destroyed by fire
  3. How long to you tumble your brass?

    3 or 4 hours after firing and and another hour or two after resizing if lubricant was used.
  4. Castboolits site down?

    I just tried it and it is fine. I was logged in too.
  5. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    I still like powder coating. There is no smoke. To be fair I have not tried Hi-Tek and see no reason to even though you once offered me a few.
  6. Shield .45

    A coworker told me about this deal. Problem is the closest Bass Pro - Foxboro - never has them in stock or sells them as fast as they get them.
  7. Techno sights for my pistol

    I shoot bullseye pistol and have used a red dot scope for a long time. Up until recently I used Ultradot scopes for everything. This season I switched to a Burris Fastfire lll reflex sight for the reduced weight and so far I am very pleased.
  8. So long, farewell, it's been good to know ya... UPDATE post 164

    First I wish Mr. Radtekk and his lady nothing but the best in their new venture. After hearing so much good about the area what if any are the downsides? How is the job picture? Driving distance to shopping, dining and places to get you or your car looked at? Schools? Emergency services? Just...
  9. Yaz to Yaz

    I liked seeing it. I have always been a Yaz fan.
  10. My First Born child has passed away.....

    I'm guessing since this is a public forum that your family now knows the story. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Dehumidifier for safe

    Another Golden Rod user here. Just need to keep the interior a little warmer than the air outside the safe.
  12. Truck Owners Poll - Cargo Bed Covering

    Tonneau Pro soft folding.
  13. Which AR15 Armorers Tool and Accessories do you recommend?

    If you plan on removing any gas blocks that are held on with taper pins get some short high quality punches. And be positive sure which way to drive them out.
  14. The move towards red dot sights

    As others have noted red dots on pistols are nothing new. I have shot .22 pistols and 1911 .45's with them for many years. On the .45's they ride on the slide with no issues. Up until recently all I used was Ultradot tube red dots. I am trying to get used to a Burris Fastfire because it weighs...
  15. American Rifleman or Shooting Illustrated

    My son gets Shooting Illustrated and the only reason I don't switch is I get to read both. Much better for someone who likes the technical side.
  16. Just got my dream job.

    I That's the car I remember. In an earlier post I thought it was something based on a Model A. Would someone like to confirm this or enlighten me?
  17. Just got my dream job.

    My boys still talk about Wolfman from 20 plus years ago. He drove something made from a Model A Ford then. Good times.
  18. Any southern NH gun stores worth visiting?

    Are any of the ones listed above the guy who was on rt 58 in Plympton before he closed up and moved north?
  19. Real ID

    I turn 62 in about a month and still carry my unlaminated original very legible SS card. I acknowledge your applause.
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