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  1. Looking in NH for A place to Retire Need feedback on some locations

    Speaking of trails. Be sure you understand where the major OHRV (ATV) trails are, whether the town you are looking at allows ATV use on certain roads, etc. Same thing for snowmachine trails in winter. This could be a plus or minus depending on your perspective. If you are looking for peace...
  2. Mountain Hiking 2016

    I am guessing you did not taste those "wild blueberries"... I am quite sure those are not edible blueberries (although it's the right time of year). Instead, those are probably bluebead lilly (clintonia) berries. I don't think they are poisonous, but they taste nasty.
  3. Not a week goes by that NH F&G isn't rescuing some dumbass out of the mountains...

    Second rescue 6 hours after the woman who died: Hiker Rescued While Attempting to Ascend Lion Head Trail June 14, 2019 Sargent’s Purchase, NH – An Ohio man had to be rescued and carried out approximately 1.7 miles after attempting to ascend the Lion Head Trail in Sargent’s Purchase on...
  4. One shot no injury "active shooter" in natick

    Nah, you got Natick confused with Framingham
  5. Cannabis industry in MA

    The best way to promote bud is to go green.
  6. Need some Vermont vacation help

    Your chances of seeing a bear will be better if you hide some black sunflower seed in your girlfriend's pack. As for carrying, they do allow hunting on most of the property (some is a wildlife sanctuary where explicitly prohibited) so I doubt it's an issue. Be sure you understand the new...
  7. DOCSIS 3.1 modem

    THIS. In fact don't buy ANY cable modem with the PUMA chipset. I researched this for my brother who has RCN and he went with the Netgear CM600. $79. [Edited to add, this is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem which I think RCN will only allow you to activate to speeds ~250Mbps.]
  8. NH Current Use Recreation Land - List or Map?

    There is at least one non-profit (school) that owns over 1,000 acres in Rindge. Unsure of Current use benefits for that type of organization.
  9. Best Place for Life Insurance?

    For term life insurance (which is almost certainly what you want; whole life etc. is not a good deal for most people), it is worth checking quotes from this search engine: TERM4SALE | Term Life Insurance Quotes - Free & Unbiased - 100 companies For me the lowest quote with a highly rated...
  10. Questions for TSA after reports of laptop and phone searches on domestic flights

    I heard a former Middle East CIA station chief now working as a corporate attorney chew out a CEO one time for accepting an unexpected free upgrade to first class on a Air China flight. Apparently well known they have specific seats outfitted with cameras to view computer screen and printed...
  11. Operation: Convert Millennial

    I think Kelly Nee's (BU PD Chief) head just exploded...
  12. Immigration checkpoint I93 South of the notch

    Drug evidence tossed from last summer's CBP checkpoint on 93: Judge suppresses evidence after finding 2017 arrests at border checkpoint violated state, U.S. Constitutions | New Hampshire Judge suppresses evidence after finding 2017 arrests at border checkpoint violated state, U.S...
  13. RIP Vermont: update the restrictions passed the House

    If this becomes law, it will be interesting to see what Century International does. They have a large facility just north of BTV in Georgia and employ something close to 200 people. Given their product line I'll assume there are quite a few guns with >10 round mags.
  14. UPDATE: Public Hearing on Gun Control - Vermont

    All the amendments passed. The senate will now re-vote on the amended bill. Wait until folks at deer camp start getting popped for borrowing a buddies gun. Transfer is defined as: “Transfer” means to transfer ownership of a firearm by means of sale, trade, or gift." So when does a loan...
  15. REI Stops Selling 50 NRA-Linked Brands

    I just had a chat session with a mindless customer service rep (what did I expect). I asked what thinks REI wants done with "modern sporting rifles". She said the CEO of REI wants sales stopped. I asked her to pass along that REI should clarify publicly so more people can cancel their memberships.
  16. Olympic biathalon

    Another plug for the Lost Nation R&D stock. Made right here in VT. In use by Olympic Biathlete Emily Dreissigacker . View: Although apparently the boys from the NEK forgot to pay the Olympic Committee their bribe, so big sticker over LNR&D logo...
  17. Evolve Fitness of Framingham business practices (and Maura!)

    Amazing organization. They were able to check phone and email records before 6am. Wish my IT/Telecom guys worked as fast.
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