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  1. Super Redhawk 10MM

    If the Ruger business plan rests on the 10MM it ought to include a Carbine. As far as reloading expense goes, 10MM is right there with 40 S&W, except for brass. Brass is comparable in price with .357. In other words, BFD.
  2. Lyman 45 acp cartridge gauge

    And of course the real question: How many use gages without understanding how they work? Reloaders scare the crap out of me.
  3. 40 vs 45 +P recoil

    If one does about 950 and the other does 1,000, there's 50 FPS more or less snap modified by 5 grains.
  4. Hornady 6.5mm bullets are slow?

    How about bearing length, load density or actual bullet diameter? 70 FPS in this BC class will change your POI what? 15" or so at 1,000 yards. How about the difference in BC of the 2 bullets? OR how about one bullet, under identical conditions HAS to be slower/faster than another?
  5. Hornady 6.5mm bullets are slow?

    JHC. 70 FPS is life changing? .2 MOA in your world sounds like a good trade-off, no? I mean you are shooting at targets after all. Sooooooo how does it perform on target at your 1015 yard max?
  6. .375 Winchester

    Luckily is an understatement. Include prescient and incredibly intelligent. Of course, should you decide you have too much of a good thing....... I've been trying to find some for my mail carrier at less than 2nd mortgage prices. She won't be dissuaded. Simply loves that .375 for deer.
  7. Case neck thickness gauging and neck turning

    'Cause the 50 years of trigger problems that Remington knew about makes the 700 the better rifle?
  8. .375 Winchester

    Tips and tricks should include acquisition of brass.
  9. Case neck thickness gauging and neck turning

    Consistent neck tension is necessary for consistent release of the bullet and that means consistent neck thickness. So, to get a batch of brass consistent, you find the thinnest case in the bunch and neck turn. You can find the thinnest case with a "ball" micrometer or even a caliper. Close...
  10. Shooting .60 Flintlock Trade Pistol

    WTF, I hate black powder so pretty sure flintlocks are on the same list but I looked at the pictures and reread several times.
  11. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Because loading speed comes up on occasion, here's what I did to 100 pcs. of .223 in 38 minutes on the equipment pictured. Chamfered primer pockets whether they needed it or not. Trimmed Deburred Measured OAL That 38 minutes started as I walked through the door and included locating the...
  12. Sierra, Why You Do This To Me...?

    30 some years ago, I competed in High Power and used Sierra 168's. OAL, which I deemed important was all over the place so I'd reseat until they were all about the same. Looking for sympathy, I complained about the situation to one of those OLD guys, you know, one of those Methusalah types who...
  13. Why do you reload

    My first 6 rounds of .357 Magnum took 27 years to load. Since, with no rush, about 125 rounds an hour on a single stage press. Somebody, someplace makes that .299" bullet you need since you can't buy factory ammunition without a 3rd mortgage. WalMart phobia. LGS would prefer you ask for .243...
  14. Decapping

    I'm going to burn the Berdans to kill the primer, screw it. Seen 1 and 2 hole. I have a piece of brass that someone claimed was Boxer as there was a small indent in the center. After I popped the primer with a screwdriver, damn if I could find ANY hole even under a microscope. They must've been...
  15. Decapping

    I am a retired Mechanical Inspector. Identifying the thread isn't the problem, identifying the thread in the catalogue is, as it isn't listed. I acquired the Lee someplace in a trade. Up until now it worked at least as well as the others. Sounds like someone swapped out the pin for who knows...
  16. Decapping

    The devil is in the details. I have 4 universal decappers. I have at least 3 differently threaded, spare parts don't you know, decapping rods. Descriptions do not mention thread size for either the decapping rod or for collet? that holds the decapping pin. So how does one order? What I really...
  17. Decapping

    Anyone have an idea as to, for starters RCBS, how many iterations of decapping pins, stems, collets etc.? Today, I had to decap 50 6MM Norma BR cases. These have .065" flash holes. 4 different "Universal" Decapping dies failed to do the job. Mind you, I have a drawer with nothing but the little...
  18. Shelf life and accuracy of handloads and reloads

    I pull down reloads to sell the brass. You might be surprised how often I run across split necks due neck tension.
  19. Red Glock?

    Is this any worse than Zombie ammunition?
  20. Strange Carbine ammo

    Possible 7.62x38? It's pretty difficult to sink a bullet that far into a Carbine case.
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