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  1. WTS Glock 17 Gen 3

    Location: Taunton looking to sell a gen 3 glock 17. It’s in good condition and comes with 1 mag. Looking for $800 obo All laws followed.
  2. WTB Glock 43 slide

    Looking to buy an oem or aftermarket glock 43 slide. Complete slide would be preferred but will look at a stripped slide.
  3. WTT CZ SP-01

    Location: Swansea looking to trade my cz sp01. It’s in like new condition. Only shot once. Has 2 mags with box. Looking to trade for fn 509 tactical or vp9 optics ready. all laws followed transfer on efa10
  4. WTB Glock 43 frame

    Looking to buy a glock 43 frame. Color doesn’t matter. Pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  5. WTS Performance Center Shield 2.0

    Looking to sell a performance center shield 2.0 in 9mm. It’s in good condition. Comes with red dot, talon grips installed, 3 mags and a couple holsters. Looking for $725 on efa10 all laws followed
  6. WTB Optic ready pistol or cz

    I’m looking to buy an optic ready pistol or a cz sp01. Interested in m&p 2.0 only, mos 17, p320. Really prefer them to be optic ready but don’t need a red dot included. Also looking for a cz sp01 or other full size steel frame cz. Looking to spend $700-$800 depending on the pistol
  7. WTB Marlin lever action

    Looking to buy a marlin lever action in either 357/38 or 45/70. Please pm with any for sale. Thanks
  8. WTB Canik tp9fs

    Looking to buy a canik 9mm pistol. Mainly looking for a tp9sf but open to others. Please pm with any for sale. Thanks
  9. WTB CZ SP01

    looking to buy a new or used Cz sp01 standard or tactical model in 9mm. Please pm if you have or know of one for sale. Thanks
  10. It's been a good week (tavor+glock 19)

    It's been a pretty good week for me. Tavor came in today and picked up a Gen 4 od frame glock 19 the other day. Heading to the range tomorrow morning to test out the tavor but it feels and looks great. This is my first bullpep so i can't compare the trigger to others but it's decent. I'm going...
  11. Browning maxus

    I'm looking to buy an auto loading shotgun and was looking at the maxus. Main use will be for clays but may see some hunting. Any thoughts on the maxus? I was looking at the carbon fiber sporting model. Also was looking at the versa max, any advantages of one over the other? Budget is around...
  12. Which Shotgun for trap

    I just joined a range that shoots trap on Sundays. I shot today and it was awesome and now I need to get my own shotgun for it. Would you recomend semi or o/u? Looking to spend around 500-600. Thanks for any help
  13. Standards for any milsurp collection

    I recently bought a couple mosin (91/30+m44) and now I'm looking to start collecting some other mil surp rifles. What are some rifles that should be standard in a collection? Thanks for any help
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