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  1. Feinstein the Hypocrite

    I did not know this, but I'd bet that she has armed guards on occasion and that would make her a big hypocrite. - - - Updated - - - Exactly!
  2. Feinstein the Hypocrite

    Lol, unlikely though, as religion is probably just as bad to her.
  3. Feinstein the Hypocrite

    Clearly her life is more important than the little people's. Hypocrite Senator Dianne Feinstein has a concealed weapons permit - YouTube
  4. Anti-Handgun Rally in Boston this Saturday

    Excellent! My kids go on that site and do their best to counter-act the anti-gun stuff, but there a few of them on that site who really get the point across with a lot of humor that shows the idiocy of the anti-gun stance.
  5. getting the repeal of AWB on the ballot

    Honestly, how could anyone on this list think that this would benefit gun owners in Massachusetts? People are so clueless when it comes to firearms in this state! I have had multiple conversations with close friends and family that know nothing and will not listen to reason. Just recently I...
  6. gunsmith for old gun repairs?

    I do, lol. I do love his shop though. It's like being in a mini museum.
  7. Dry fire or snap caps?

    Actually, the manual for a Ruger Mark III says dry firing is okay for that gun.
  8. gunsmith for old gun repairs?

    I'm not sure where you're located, but there is an old gunsmith/machinist on rte. 1 in Wrentham, Ma. who did some work on a couple of 100 year old rifles for us. His prices were very reasonable. The man has a wealth of knowlege and is a true gunsmith in every sense of the word. The place is...
  9. Tom Gresham's response to the Wounded Warrior project

    My husband belongs to a veterans organization and those clowns at WWP lost the check that they donated so I completely agree with this statement, but somehow the DAV has lost popularity and is almost completely forgotten.
  10. General Gun Storage Question, Need Answer ASAP

    Banks do not ask you what is in your safe deposit box nor are they allowed to ask. In fact, many people try to tell, for whatever reason, bank employees what they have in there and it is a strict violation for bank employees to engage in that conversation. They are completely private until...
  11. "I carry Mace"

    My daughter will be a freshman at a big well known Boston school and at orientation I asked the Dean of Students in one of the question and answer sessions if a student was duly licensed could they carry pepper spray and the answer was yes. Then to be doubly sure I asked the chief of campus...
  12. Is open not concealed carry the solution?

    Most people aren't going to carry a gun, whether or not it's concealed in Massachusetts, and assuming that some miracle happened and you were allowed to open carry without a SWAT team being called on you, you'd become the target. If someone is bent on doing people harm or violently committing a...
  13. Comm2A Wins in Federal Court - Mass Alienage Ban Overturned

    Oh, they'll process it all right, and then they'll most likely deny you for not having one. http://www.braintreepd.org/LTC.pdf
  14. Ann Coulter on the Fast and Furious Scandel

    I love Ann Coulter! She gets straight to the point while being hilarious at the same time.
  15. Received my LTC Class A with restrictions

    They don't question the letters. They just count them to make sure that you have them. It's the fact that you need to get 5 letters of recommendation from non-family members and belong to a range. Once you have all the items, the interview is painless, but most likely applicants are going to...
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