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  1. Smith & Wesson Custom Shop ?

    Does Smith & Wesson still have a Custom Shop? I've poked around on their web site, and I see they have a Performance Center, where they apparently build small runs of semi-custom guns, but I'm looking to see if I can have a SINGLE gun built EXACTLY the way I want it. Specifically, I've...
  2. NP3?

    Has anyone here had a pistol or revolver refinished with Robar's NP3? And if so, what do you think of it? I've had one pistolsmith warn me that it is so slick that it will make malfunction drills harder. Looking for some more real-world input here. Thanks. Regards John
  3. Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation

    Did a quick search, didn't see where anything on this had been posted before. http://jeffcooperfoundation.org/news/ Regards John
  4. Binghamton Fallout in NY

    Here it comes in NY This appeared in yesterday's New York Daily News. The writer is notoriously anti-gun. Then, today's Daily News ran the following editorial . . .
  5. Bank Credit & Gun Control

    Something I wouldn't have thought of. From John Farnam's quips:
  6. Check This Out!

    Strategy & Tactics is a magazine of military history written principally by and for players of strategy games. While I don't play such games myself - no time - I do read it and several other military history magazines regularly. One of the things I love in it is a small column called FYI...
  7. Gillibrand flips on guns

    Newly appointed New York Senator has flipped on so many issues since her annointment that the New York Post ran an editorial about it. Among her flip-flops: "Meanwhile, though she continues to insist she supports 'hunters rights,' Gillibrand - formerly an aggressive Second Amendment...
  8. Ayoob at Blue Trails

    Frank Cornwall of Defense Associates - www.defenseassociates.com - reports that Mas Ayoob will be giving a two hour lecture, followed by a Q&A session on September 10th as a fund raiser for the Blue Trails Range in Wallingford/Meridian CT. Regards John
  9. Gun Seizure Lawsuit

    This was in today's (07/21/08) NEW YORK POST
  10. 15 Minutes of Fame

    The August issue of GUN WORLD came in the mail today. There is an article in it by Chuck Taylor, titled Shattering The Myths Of Tactical Handgunning. Anyway, as I was reading it, I noticed that one of the guys in the pictures looked familiar. Long story short, most of the pictures were...
  11. A Survivor's Story

    A guy I've "known" online for many years posted this personal story elsewhere a few days ago. Vern Humphrey is a retired Army Major - three combat tours in Vietnam.
  12. Deadly weapons and factory instruction manuals

    John Farnam's comments are always worth reading and thinking about. He seems to keep up a lively correspondence with lots of interesting people - other trainers, factory reps, etc.
  13. Newsmax Article: Goodbye Boston!

    The December issue of Newsmax just arrived. The futurist who predicted the 9/11 attacks discusses 30 possible/probable scenarios for future attacks. Among them:
  14. Paladin Press Videos

    Paladin Press has decided to drop VHS videos and only offer DVDs in the future. Current stock of VHS training videos are being blown out at 50% off. http://www.paladin-press.com/vhs_sale.aspx Regards John
  15. Standard Drills

    Here are some standard traing drills I've collected. Most of these originally came from a site called www.sportshooter.com, which appears to now be defunct.
  16. Glove Modification

    I have a part-time job selling guns at a Gander Mountain in upstate NY. Last winter, a female state trooper came in looking for help in finding a good pair of shooting gloves. She had a qualification shoot coming up, and had discovered that she couldn't pull the slide back with gloves on...
  17. John Wayne

    2007 marks the centenial year of John Wayne's birth, and Wayne Enterprises has arranged special tribute guns to be manufactured and offered for sale this year. Go to www.johnwayne.com and click on the "news" for details. Regards John
  18. Tactical Response ME

    I see Tactical Response: http://www.tacticalresponse.com/ will be offering their Fighting Handgun and Advanced Fighting Handgun in Sanford ME on July 27/28 and July 29/30 respectively. Regards John
  19. Firearms Video Rentals

    Check out www.SmartFlix.com Seems to be a variation on NetFlix - rents you DVDs by mail and you return them via prepaid mailer - but rents various How-To videos rather than hollyweird movies. Seems to have a wide variety of hobby & craft videos - welding, machine shop, custom cars and...
  20. Thunder Ranch MA

    I see that Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch will be teaching a couple of courses at the Smith & Wesson Academy facility in Springfield MA in late Feb and early March. http://www.thunderranchinc.com/massachusetts.html Regards John
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