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  1. Glock 19 gen 4 slide cover plate - 2 screws?

    Someone added a belt clip attachment to the firearm.
  2. FNX-45

    Shooters Outpost and Second Amendment Arms in Windham are listed as FN dealers according to FN's site.
  3. Need Some Help - Shield/M&P9c/SR9c Purchase Comparison

    I had a SR9c and the gun would eat anything, including Tula steel case and WWB.
  4. ak 47 pistol mass compliant

    You assemble an AR pistol cause they are a bag o' fun, that's why. Ask Soloman02, CTC, and myself how we know! LOL That tube actually has some usage as it is. Trust me.
  5. Magpul 40-Round AR-15 5.56x45 Magazine Availability

    No, the ranger plate from a generation 2 doesn't fit. The base plate for generation three is redesigned as you can see from the pictures below.
  6. Magpul 40-Round AR-15 5.56x45 Magazine Availability

    Fired about eighty rounds out of mine with no issues. It isn't much heavier than the thirty (surprisingly). One thing to keep in mind is that they are Generation 3. With that, there is a nub on the back of the mag that may interfere with mag well grips or some lowers. Other than that, it rocks!
  7. To buy the CMMG .22 conversion or not

    I have a question. How would the CMMG conversion kit mess up a barrel? Not being sarcastic, I am genuinely curious.
  8. SR9C Firing Pin

    I had the exact same issue with mine. My issue was a build up of brass "shavings" in the striker channel. I disassembled and cleaned out the brass and have never had an issue again. Before assuming the firing pin is the suspect, try that. YMMV
  9. Struggling with my new AR!

    You could also have a four year old find it for you. My son found one of my detent springs and detent in a minute. I had been searching for an hour. Kids are like a bloodhound for small parts that they can put in their mouths. Trust me, I know.
  10. AR Style .22LR or AR-15 to .22LR Conversion kit

    I have a CMMG conversion kit that I bought for plinking. In my experience, this kit is fairly accurate (50 yards shots off a old motorcycle helmet) while standing with no bench. I'm using the kit in both a 1/9 and a 1/7 and haven't seen any major issues other than the dirtiness ( which is the...
  11. Taurus 1911

    I was there yesterday checking the transfer prices from them. Those Kimbers are a work of art.
  12. Ruger LC9 modification options

    You'll enjoy Galloway's work. His products are top notch with quick shipping. I purchased his stainless guide rod for my SR9c. Awesome company.
  13. install Muzzle Break on my Sig 556 SCMin MA/S. NH - know anybody?

    Manchester Firing line has an in-house Armorer. I'm pretty sure Jim could do that do but it takes a little time to cut the old one off and not eff up the threads. They are also a member here. Give them a call and ask. http://www.gunsnh.com/
  14. AR15 extractor upgrade

    One of my AR's was having an extraction issue. Every second or third would stovepipe on me. I ordered the kit above and it solved all my problems. Seeing that my problem was fixed with the "upgrade", I would do it just for preventive maintenance.
  15. AR15's - Who makes the best ones and why?

    Just got that email. The specs look good. However, I question how good the rifle is seeing that the optic is $410 from them. I have purchased product from them. The stuff I bought from them is not bad, just need to put more rounds down the pipe to say it quality. YMMV
  16. saiga 12

    2Garfields, here is their Facebook page link and their website link. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Manchester-Firing-Line-Range-LLC/156446433057 http://www.gunsnh.com/ They are also a member here.
  17. saiga 12

    Speaking of Saiga 12's, MFL has some for sale based on their Facebook page.
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