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  1. Punch broke off inside the bolt catch of my AR15. Help please

    My bolt catch wasn't holding the bolt back on an empty magazine so I decided to replace the bolt catch, roll pin and spring. I didn't realize they make a special tool to remove the pin so I tried to knock it out with a punch. Well I pushed the roll pin 3/4 of the way out then my punch broke off...
  2. When will sign up begin on practiscore for the mini walls of steel ?

    When will the sign up begin for the mini walls of steel on practiscore?
  3. Any gunsmiths specializing in CZ shadow 2 near Swansea Ma?

    Are there any gunsmiths specializing in cz shadow 2 near Swansea ma?
  4. Any gunsmiths specializing in CZ Shadow 2 near Swansea Ma

    Any gunsmith specializing in cz near Swansea, ma?
  5. WTS Motorcycle helmet Daytona size Large

    Motorcycle helmet Daytona size Large, very good condition.DOT approved. I paid $100. Selling for $25. Swansea ma
  6. WTS Vanson leather motorcycle jacket size size 44 Dakota model

    Vanson leather motorcycle jacket size 44. Nicely broken in. Paid $600 new. I want $150
  7. Cz shadow 2 extended safety install. Is sanding neccesary?

    I recently purchased a cz shadow 2 and I want to install the included extended safety. However after reading other sites, people claim that they have to file down the teeth on the safety in order for it to catch on the sear. If not the safety will only work on half cock position and not fully...
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