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  1. Was he right, or was I being scammed?

    I'd tell him to pound sand.
  2. Full Auto: Gatling Slingshot Crossbow

    So it's not Mass Compliant?? DAMN!!! I can own an semi automatic handgun but not a SLING SHOT?? WOW!!!!!!! That makes perfect sense to me....
  3. LTC notification question

    It'll happen for you at some point.[dance] Some people just take longer then others[popcorn]
  4. LTC notification question

    They might want you to renew it before they issue it to you...........................[banghead]
  5. Switchblade, I wonder If These Are Mass Compliant?

  6. First purchase

    I took the Bodygaurd to the range yesterday and put 100 rounds down range. I really like the way it shoots.
  7. The outlook for my day.

    2 out of 3 for me. I'd trade the cigar for another bottle of bourbon though.
  8. First purchase

    I'm going to the Sharon Gun Club on Saturday with my uncle and gonna shoot it. :D
  9. First purchase

    Do to my Military experience I'm already good with the AR-15s. [smile] I do hope to make it to an NES Shoot soon.
  10. First purchase

    I want to get an "evil black rifle" next. [smile]
  11. First purchase

    On April 18th I picked up my Bodygaurd 380[thumbsup]. Now I just need to get to a range and take it shooting. [smile]
  12. Fedral raid leaves a border town without a mayor or Police Chief

    This is just crazy! http://edition.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/03/10/new.mexico.columbus.raid/?hpt=T2
  13. New Discovery Show "Sons of Guns"

    the rocket motor isn't what you need a license for. it was the powder charge in the rocket that requires a license I think. With a powder charge it becomes an IED. That's atleats who I understood it.
  14. Mandatory GPS trackers

  15. New Discovery Show "Sons of Guns"

    The customer asked for a Non-lethal deterant. They did make it adjustable so they could fire them straight on too if the wished. They had a powder charge and did detonate. The reason for the non-lethal was because non military ships are not allowed to be armed in the waters of most countries. I...
  16. New Discovery Show "Sons of Guns"

    The rocket launcher that they made last night was cool. I wish that they could have gotten that 1910 Maxim shooting though. The ATV mounted shotgun for the wounded Marine was nice too.
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