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  1. TALENT WIPED OUT Why so many rappers from KTS Dre & Indian Red Boy to Pop Smoke are being killed as gun violence spirals in US ‘warzones’

    Because I wear my tinfoil shiny side in, what is their politics? Not all people of color are buying into the Marxism and are pretty vocal about it. Just a thought.
  2. Looks like the Commies are gettin' their own range??

    Well...you're not exactly wrong...
  3. Looks like the Commies are gettin' their own range??

    I honestly don't really have an issue with this - I just wanted to raise awareness. For better or worse, the Constitution protects the right of everyone to keep and bear...even communists--at least until such time they actually attempt to overthrow the current government, then I guess its a...
  4. Looks like the Commies are gettin' their own range??

    This week, the Southern New England chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association (SRA) officially named their proposed training facility in New Hampshire. The Community Range & Defense Education (COMRADE) Center will be based in New Hampshire “to best accommodate space and the ease of legal...
  5. CNN anchors tout 'innovative' and 'interesting' California city's proposed gun tax

    Folks in my circles have been waiting for when this would start. How am I not surprised a town in Cali would be the start, but this is gonna spread like wildfire if the legal fights fail.
  6. Missouri Governor Will Sign Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws...My soon to be home state.

    So, I guess this also means legal weed and sanctuary cities for illegal aliens is out too?? And the Left screamed the last administration was fascist?? Feds tell Missouri governor he lacks authority to void federal laws after bill banning enforcement of US gun laws
  7. Deals and steals

  8. AAR: Condition Red 1 Day Medical - Human Cadaver Lab (4/30/21; BOSTON, MA) *GRAPHIC CONTENT*

    Chris is the real deal - had the pleasure of sitting in on his TCCC-Civi back in 2016 (?) at HSC and it was eye opening. Great AAR--sorry I missed this one!
  9. BEC0061

    Just beautiful as usual, Lou!
  10. MA Compliant Complete Upper Replacement

    I have an RGuns bull barrel upper with a target crown. Short of something like that, getting a gunsmith to pin a brake is the way.
  11. Deals and steals

    How does one NOT buy it just for the airsoft icon alone??!? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bumping - added more trade options\interests

    Location: Greater Lowell Area Description: Black VP9, factory night sights, 3-10r mags, all the backstraps and original hard case Model#: 700009LEL-A5 Selling Terms: EFA10 only, all laws followed Contact Information: DM me on here Testing the waters - won the firearm in an auction and it...
  14. Hadn't seen it posted yet - M&P Shield now with 13 rounds

    They've just announced the ShieldPlus
  15. Your New Knife!

    Impulse bought two of Cutlery Shoppe exclusive of the Spyderco Para 2's with Wharncliffe blades in CPM-S30V...my wallet hates me, but they are quite nice
  16. Your New Knife!

    Scored a Phaeton on closeout for $169 from Cutlery Shoppe just before Christmas--great action and everything one would expect from a Benchmade.
  17. GUYS, OMG! Guys!!

    ::clutches pearls:: ....obviously this is far too killy....now take my $$$!
  18. "Black" gun found at scene: Chicago-area shooting outside UPS facility leaves 2 dead

    ...are they trying to imply an AR pistol or are they just being racist? 🤔🙄
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